Sustainability in Design and Experience
  • Harry Sze Harry Sze BMW Group Designworks Director, Creative Consulting

    As Director of Creative Consulting, BMW Group Designworks Shanghai Studio, Harry comes from a diverse design background ranging from automotive startups, design consultancies, to global OEMs. He has spent most of his career designing for premium and luxury brands such as BMW, Mini, Roll Royce, Fisker, and Cadillac. Born in Hong Kong and raised in California, Harry has been working in China for over 12 years collectively, giving him diverse perspectives and deep cultural understanding. Besides being highly skilled in automotive design, Harry specializes in insight and foresight, as well as creating brand and product visions and strategies. His empathetic approach towards design allows him to fully immerse into any brand or project. Harry holds a BS degree in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Sustainability in Design and Experience

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„SUSTAINABILITY ISN’T JUST SOMETHING WE DO AT BMW: WE ARE MAKING BMW SUSTAINABLE.”——OLIVER ZIPSE。Sustainability has become a must-have buzzword across many industries in recent years. Yet, most consumers still find it hard to relate sustainability to their actual daily lives, their aspirations, their dreams. How are consumer mindsets and behaviors evolving, and why the designing of experiences is more important than ever? What can the idea of Circularity be from the consumer’s POV?

Cyclism begins with thinking about things in different ways. For BMW, this means carefully examining processes and manufacturing techniques and rethinking them to achieve a closed material cycle. At the same time, we give the materials we use a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance. Circular design means circular thinking. We must rethink everything we do. It's about the cycle of the whole process, far beyond that: new materials, new technologies, new processes, and new ideas in general.

Sustainable design is about doing more with less. Therefore, we will re-do it everywhere and wherever possible: components, materials, improvements. It's about the art of simplicity and expanding the value of our products, so the process of sustainable design never ends.

Participants Benefit

1、Sharing a refreshing POV on sustainability from consumer mindset POV
2、Inspire different thinking towards meaningful “sustainable” experiences
3、Offer insights into relationship between designers and users

video introduction
BMW i Vision Circular
Work Case
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  • BMW i Vision Circular
  • BMW Designworks Skai-hydrogen eVTOL
  • BMW Designworks CES 2022 Dimensions of Real
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