How does differentiated user experience design help overseas hotel product recovery
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    Currently the interaction leader of the overseas hotel business line of IBU. Previously worked for Ctrip and Alibaba Group. With many years of design experience, she specializes in dismantling user scenarios and channels for C-tier cultural and entertainment products, enabling digital growth of business. In addition, she is also an senior interaction design instructor, training 500 to 600 students; mainly to popularize basic interaction theory knowledge and train their interaction design thinking; to help designers grow in their career path. Design philosophy: Look for balance between complication and simplification, keep design moderation

How does differentiated user experience design help overseas hotel product recovery

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Session E7
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Time 11/20 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

In recent times, our country China and its various business enterprises hope to gain traction in the global international market.
Hence, more and more companies are joining the mobile internet globalization boom. However, expanding and creating a unique brand identity overseas is significantly more challenging than any expansion in the domestic market. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic created havoc amongst some enterprises, especially the tourism industry.
So, how do we emerge stronger and bolder from this dire situation? As an overseas product of Group, the international hotel business was the first to recover from the pandemic. In doing so, it gained positive revenue in 2020-2021. Group leveraged "Differentiated Design" strategies to help recover its hotel business. This lecture analyzes the main differentiating factors and core ideas of global product design that helped recover from the pandemic much faster than its international competitors. It will help junior and mid-level designers to solidify their design thinking on global product differentiation. We'll also learn about strategies that help products thrive in the international market.
In addition, we will explain what will explore in the future to open up new possibilities and ways of experiencing hotel bookings and travel in general in a post-COVID world.
Contents for the workshop include:
1.Opportunity and challenges of global products
1.1. Growth opportunities in global travel products
1.2. Challenges for global travel products's response to COVID-19
2.1. Challenges faced by during the COVID-19 pandemic
2.2. Two-way measures adopted by Hotel business
2.3. Response and recovery strategy under COVID-19
2.4. Recovery strategies for different markets

3.How Differentiated Experience Design helps ( ) Hotels Recover
3.1. What are the factors to consider in differentiated experience design?
3.2. Core ideas of differentiated design
3.3. Factor deconstruction - User Differentiation
3.4. Factor deconstruction - Product Differentiation
3.5. Factor deconstruction - Market Environment
3.6. What did before and after COVID-19

4.Future exploration and best practices of international travel UX design
4.1. Exploration of multiform travel products (Staycation)

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop: an overview of the content
2、Concept explanation: Explanation of the global product characteristics How responded to the COVID-19 pandemic How differentiated design helped the recovery of hotels The exploration and practice of future international travel exper
3、Case study: Take international hotels as an example and explain the strategy of differentiated design before and after the COVID-19 pandemic
4、Hands-on interaction: Group work on differentiation factors for specific propositions and practice of UX design methods, etc.
5、Open Q&A: Free exchange
6、Conclusion and Review

Target Audience

1、Junior or mid-level experience designers / Interaction designers / Full-link designers
2、Product managers/ Product designers
3、Internet practitioners/ People interested in Internet thinking

Participants Benefit

1、Help designers to build up their professional knowledge system
2、Help relevant enthusiasts understand the opportunities and challenges of global products and how to respond under the COVID-19 pandemic
3、Help designers to establish a system of thinking for differentiated UX design

Work Case
  • and Japan
  • Recovery strategies for various markets
  • Trip Live landing page
  • Trip Live
  • Future exploration and practice of international travel experience design
  • Meta-user journey map
  • Differences in UX objectives in diverse channels
  • Differentiated experience design factors
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  • and Japan 18
  • Recovery strategies for various markets 28
  • Trip Live landing page 38
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  • Future exploration and practice of international travel experience design 58
  • Meta-user journey map 68
  • Differences in UX objectives in diverse channels 78
  • Differentiated experience design factors 88
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