Using Product Excellence and Critical User Journey to improve mature product
  • Fang Zhenshuo Fang Zhenshuo Tencent Design Director

    Design Director at Tencent. Former senior interaction designer at Google, responsible for experience design for advertising platform, search and AI projects; former experience designer for Mozilla Firefox.
    Graduated from Tsinghua University with a degree in Body Engineering and Carnegie Mellon University with a major in Human-Computer Interaction, and has 10+ years of experience in the field.
    She is a senior coach of Google's internal UX courses and workshops, and has participated in many large industry summits at home and abroad, and training for leading Internet companies.

    She believes that design is everywhere and is committed to integrating design thinking and human-centeredness into products and life.

Using Product Excellence and Critical User Journey to improve mature product

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Time 11/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

Google has massive user base and many product lines, with the increasing number of mature products, how do we evaluate whether a product is good or bad? How to balance data and experience? How to break the silo of organization and teams?

Product Excellence (PE) is a company-wide initiative that started in 2014, the goal is to emphasis the importance of user experience and product details, and that everyone, from executives to individual contributors, from product to engineering, are responsible of the experience of our product. Product Excellence was widely adopted across many product lines since introduced, resulted in improvements of product experience, development process, product measurements and cross-team collaboration.

This workshop will introduce Product Excellence and Critical User Journey, by first introduce the three PE principles using industry examples, then practice CUJ through hands-on workshop activities, so that participants can better understand and use these methods in their daily work.

1. What is Product Excellence(PE)?
a) Background of Google’s Product Excellence and the innovation of mature product
b) What does Product Excellence best used for

2. Three Principles of Product Excellence
a) Three Principles of Product Excellence
b) Focused Utility
c) Simple Design
d) Crafted execution

3. What is Critical User Journey(CUJ)
a) Definition and use cases
b) Examples of CUJ

4. How to user CUJ
a) Practice CUJ via group workshop
b) Summary and discussion

Structure and Agenda

1、Background and ice breaking
2、What is Product Excellence
3、Three principles of PE
4、What is Critical User Journey
5、How to user CUJ
6、Summary and discussion

Target Audience

1、Junior to mid-level Product manager
2、Junior to mid-level Interaction or Visual designer
3、Designer manager

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the innovation of mature product
2、Understand what is a good product through PE
3、Understand and practice Critical User Journey

Work Case
  • Example of CUJ
  • Why using PE
  • CUJ
  • Three principles of PE
Guess You Like
  • Example of CUJ 14
  • Why using PE 24
  • CUJ 34
  • Three principles of PE 44
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