Immersive Design For Gaming Experience
  • Qiuzi Hua Qiuzi Hua NetEase Senior Game Interaction Design Supervisor

    She is currently the design director of NetEase Zhurong Studio, responsible for establishing and improving the game interaction work style and work standards of the department, and training a number of design cadres. 7 years of experience in game interaction design, as the main interaction responsible for a number of handheld games, currently in charge of the interaction design of the large MMO end-game "Cold Water" and its series of products, the second generation of Chinese style "Forgotten River", "Cold Water Hand Game". She is also the director of GameTube, a game interaction design public website and community, which covers various medium-sized game companies in China.

    He focuses on emotional and immersive design, and emphasizes on the guidance of the game.

Immersive Design For Gaming Experience

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Session B9
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 11/18 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

What kind of experience can games bring us? What games have ever become memories between you and your friends?

The game can bring players a different experience from the real world, allowing players to experience feelings beyond reality, and to achieve this, to a large extent, it is necessary to consider the player's immersion in the game. At present, the game industry is becoming more and more mature, and various categories of games are blooming. Players have more and higher requirements for the game experience. The subdivision and high-quality research and development of vertical fields have become more and more mainstream. In designing a game, the experience of the game has become the top priority of the designer. This requires the designer to consider the design content of the interaction itself, and moreover, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the design elements including the screen, world view, level and other aspects to provide players with Come for a profound gaming experience.

This workshop hopes to be able to explain the immersive design in the game from different levels with game cases and actual development experience at home and abroad. Starting from your own game experience, gradually understand the method of game immersion design and the actual working method, which will cause everyone to have their own thinking on this topic.

The main contents include:
(Take an adventure game as a clue throughout)
01 Call of Adventure
1.1 Positioning of the game
1.2 The fun of the game
1.3 Game experience and game design
1.4 Game experience and game elements

02Adventure goals
2.1 Game experience loop model
2.2 Game experience level
2.3 Various game mechanics
2.4 Game design disassembly

03Adventure Warrior
3.1 Who is the protagonist
3.2 Perceivable success
3.3 Every small goal
3.4 Recognition of achievements

04Adventure World
4.1 Field environment generated by immersion
4.2 Habit guidance of immersion in emotion
4.3 Psychological cognition of social forces

05 different fun
5.1 Operation and feedback design in the game
5.2 Behavior and drive design in the game
5.3 Mood curve design in the game
5.4 Memory and value design in games

06 The value of adventure
6.1 Exciting experience
6.2 A breakthrough in cognition
6.3 Moments of glory
6.4 Common emotions

Structure and Agenda

1、Opening: shared memories, aroused the audience's interest and sense of participation, and gave a preliminary introduction to the immersion of the game
2、Analysis: Through the dismantling of the case, let the participants learn how to disassemble the elements of the game experience through the analysis method of game experience elements
3、Discussion: Explain the design method and theoretical basis of game immersion experience, and let participants form a systematic thinking logic
4、Interaction: Introduce game level design methods, try to design a certain experience from the aspects of operation, behavior, emotion, memory, etc.
5、Practice: review the design plan and think about the gap between the conception goals, and improve through the method of multi-dimensional game experience design analysis
6、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Intermediate/junior game interaction designer
2、Intermediate/junior product experience designer
3、Anyone interested in game-related design

Participants Benefit

1、Understanding immersive design from the perspective of game design
2、The design method and design goal of game immersion
3、Help designers who want to understand gamification design, enhance the dimension of design thinking, and improve workplace competitiveness

Work Case
  • 《Dreaming》Game Design Case 2
  • 《Justice Online》Game Design Case 2
  • Social symbol interaction of game
  • Game social demand model
  • Sentiment analysis methods of classic games
  • Sharing and practice of design tools for immersive gaming experience
  • Cycle of game experience
  • Level standards of gaming experience
Guess You Like
  • 《Dreaming》Game Design Case 2 18
  • 《Justice Online》Game Design Case 2 28
  • Social symbol interaction of game 38
  • Game social demand model 48
  • Sentiment analysis methods of classic games 58
  • Sharing and practice of design tools for immersive gaming experience 68
  • Cycle of game experience 78
  • Level standards of gaming experience 88
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