Exploring B-Side Data Product Design through Film and TV Promotion
  • Yancy Wang Yancy Wang Alibaba Pictures Senior UX Designer

    He is currently an experience design expert in Ali Film, responsible for the design of film and TV promotion data tools, and focuses on B-end user-related product experience design in the film and TV industry. He was also responsible for product interaction design for Sina Weibo. He has been engaged in experience design for many years, focusing on B-end product design, and has a keen insight into business users.

    Design view: Commercial design is an invisible force, which should stand with users like a partner, helping them to solve problems and grow together.

Exploring B-Side Data Product Design through Film and TV Promotion

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Session A6
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Time 11/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In recent years, major companies have been making efforts in various B-side fields, empowering traditional industries by building industry infrastructure settings. In the process of exploring new vertical fields, how to serve industry users well and how to make a good product experience in line with the industry characteristics of users has become a common problem faced by B-side designers.

Culture and entertainment is a dream-making industry, a form of expression that can best demonstrate human imagination and artistic creativity. The audience walking into the cinema to watch a film is like having a dream. The creator of this dream has to go through years and years of work to bring it to life.

This workshop will take you on a journey into the special B-side of entertainment promotion, to understand how an entertainment production is created and how the practitioners work to set up and promote a film. Through practical projects, participants will learn what challenges designers have encountered in exploring the new field of entertainment promotion, how to use systematic design thinking to help a product get out of an experiential rut, and how to use different design techniques to present complex data for multiple characters.

The workshop will focus on the following topics.

1. Exploring the design of pendant B-end products from 0 to 1
1.1 Introduction to the background of the promotional industry
1.2 Entry points when the Internet enters the film and TV promotion industry
1.3 The design solution of "online" and "digital"
1.4 Systematic design thinking to solve innovative business dilemmas

2. Design evolution of complex data products
2.1 Design specifications for complex data systems
2.2 The 3W design model for promotional data
2.3 Scenario construction to meet the demands of different roles

3、Making data come alive
3.1 Making data "tell a story"
3.2 Creating a sense of honour for data based on role interests
3.3 Design care in special times - warm design of theatre resumption map

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop: Introduction to the industry and overview of the workshop content
2、Design methodologies and case studies: Explaining design methodologies and applications in the context of practical projects
3、On-site interaction: each group conducts a role-play in the film industry and creates a creative design based on the given topic
4、Open Q&A: Q & A free exchange session
5、Summary Review

Target Audience

1、Junior/Intermediate Interaction Designer; Product Manager
2、B-side data product practitioner in the pendant industry
3、Practitioners with an interest in the cultural and entertainment industry

Participants Benefit

1、Learn how to use systematic thinking to solve design challenges in 0 to 1 projects
2、Knowledge of how to refine and represent decision data for different roles in data tool products
3、Learn how to use different design techniques to meet different user viewing scenarios

Work Case
  • Amplify the role benefit data case
  • Making data tell a story case
  • Let the data tell the story
  • Example of data activity page design
  • Principles of multidimensional data design
  • Data Information Architecture Design
Guess You Like
  • Amplify the role benefit data case 16
  • Making data tell a story case 26
  • Let the data tell the story 36
  • Example of data activity page design 46
  • Principles of multidimensional data design 56
  • Data Information Architecture Design 66
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