Design Practice and The Future of New Digital Infrastructure in the 5G Era
  • Gao Jian Gao Jian Huawei Design Director

    Gao Jian is currently the experience design director of Huawei UCD Center and the leader of the TOB Studio, mainly responsible for incubating innovative projects in ICT field and depositing experience architectures. He has 15 years of experience in UX design with cases regarding intelligent network O&M, developer tools, business ecosystem, cloud computing, collaboration and toC consumer device.
    He is expert in discovering and exploring opportunities and experience propositions, and digital transformation of products, services, and ecosystems across domains from the perspective of experience architecture.

Design Practice and The Future of New Digital Infrastructure in the 5G Era

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Time 11/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

As the technological competition of the 5G era is becoming increasingly fierce, a series of ICT technologies (including cloud computing, artificial intelligence, big data, and industrial Internet) are applied to key production processes and workflows in various industries. It has enabled scenarios that were previously unimaginable, or even revolutionized some traditional areas.

In this huge transformation, designers may not simply be the satisfiers of user requirements, but rather the standard-setter of production experience. As experience designers, how could we quickly understand the complex business context and look into the future? Is there a transferable design framework that can be quickly applied to other industries?

In this workshop, we will share 3 digital transformation design cases (smart coal, smart steel, and smart energy) based on Huawei's unique ICT business landscape. We will also share an UX architecture with progressive thinking for new digital infrastructure projects. The methodology of industrial digital twins will also be introduced.

This workshop can inspire experience designers and product managers in the ToB domain to learn from the digital transformation, quickly identify design opportunities, and improve overall design efficiency and quality.

Contents of this workshop:
1. Experience Design Challenges in New Digital Infrastructure Projects in the 5G Era
1.1 Industry Upgrade Strategy Background
1.2 Business Architecture of New Digital Infrastructure
1.3 Changes and challenges brought about by new technologies
1.4 Experience Design's Identity Escalation and Role Transition in the Environment
* New digital infrastructure: The essence of new digital infrastructure is information digital infrastructure, covering seven fields: 5G infrastructure, ultra-high voltage, intercity transportation, new energy, big data center, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet.

2. Innovative Design Practice Sharing 1 [Smart Coal Mine]
2.1 Project background: Based on several security requirements (such as gas monitoring and belt foreign object identification) in coal mine production scenarios, intelligent experience design is used to build a safe and efficient digital coal mine productivity system.
2.2 Methodology: Types and Design Modes of Production Applications

3. Innovative Design Practice Sharing 2 [Smart Steel]
3.1 Project background: 5G networks are applied to production scenarios such as unmanned and remote-controlled cranes in iron and steel plants, raising new requirements for equipment O&M management for personnel in traditional steel plants.
3.2 Methodology: Build a Lightweight O M Experience in the Productivity System

4. Innovative Design Practice Sharing 3 [Smart Energy]
4.1 Project background: To achieve carbon neutrality in the campus, full-link monitoring of energy distribution, storage, and distribution in the campus is performed, carbon emissions are visualized, and a zero-carbon culture is built for multiple user roles.
4.2 Methodology: Multi-touch User Behavior Guidance

5. New Digital Infrastructure Experience Architecture
5.1 Experience Design Principles Based on the Agent Architecture
5.2 Definition, Scope, and Value of Progressive Thinking
5.3 Design projects based on progressive thinking

6. Special Analysis of Some Designs: Industrial Digital Twins
6.1 Definition and Application Scenario of Industrial Digital Twin
6.2 Levels of Experience of Industrial Digital Twins
6.3 Experience Evaluation Criteria for Industrial Digital Twins

Digital twin: For physical entities, digital means are used to build a mirror image in the digital world to maintain real-time interaction and connection with physical entities. Big data and AI algorithms are used to control the entire life cycle of physical entities through simulation and prediction. At present, it is mainly used in manufacturing, engineering construction, medicine, military and other fields.

Structure and Agenda

1、Background: Strategic Background of Industry Upgrade and Experience Design Challenges
2、Design Cases: Smart Coal Mine, Smart Steel, and Smart Energy
3、Methodology: Introduction to new digital infrastructure experience architecture, progressive experience design, and digital twin design
4、Design practice: Complete innovative practices at different levels of a digital transformation project in groups.
5、Recap and Q&A

Target Audience

1、ToB Experience Designer, End-to-End Designer, Interaction Designer
2、ToB Product Manager, Product Designer
3、Innovative Project Manager
4、Amateurs interested in 5G or industrial internet

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the business logic and technical architecture of industry upgrade and the significance of 5G.
2、Experience Architecture and Design Proposition for New Digital Infrastructure Projects
3、Design methodology for industrial level digital twins
4、Progressive Design Thinking

Work Case
  • Smart Network Automation
  • Digital Twins
  • Progressive Design Thinking
  • Business Architecture of Zhinengti
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  • Smart Network Automation 14
  • Digital Twins 24
  • Progressive Design Thinking 34
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