How One Tech Company can Advance the Building and Construction Industry
  • Keith Blaine Keith Blaine BLAINE architects Director of Architecture

    Keith Blaine a California native where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree form the University of Southern California. Keith entered the profession in to the challenging and rewarding fields of architecture in healthcare and education design. Keith joined Foster + Partners in London to work on the Apple Park campus. This project would bring him back to California to be on site in Silicon Valley.

    Keith served the Silicon Valley community and architectural profession in 2020 as the President of the AIA American Institute of Architects, Silicon Valley Chapter. Currently Keith is the Director of Architecture for Blaine Architects and Marshall Interiors base in Silicon Valley.

How One Tech Company can Advance the Building and Construction Industry

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Apple Park in its conception, construction, and now completion has and is one of the most anticipated and discussed building projects in the world. The interest over Apple Park goes beyond architectural profession and the local community. The interest encompasses people of all profession that few building projects of modern architecture have been able to.

The Apple Park is effortlessly a beautiful build, in the same vein as all Apple products are beautiful, considered products. To achieve this beauty in their products Apple has pushed to limit of the industry design and fabrication industry. The Apple Park buildings are no exception.

The Apple Park is a large build made up from parts just like every building is, however, these parts are larger and more precise than any building before it. Larger parts mean larger machines and larger facilities.

All these machines, facilities, technology advancements were built for Apple Park, but now the building and construction industry has benefited for 1 Apple Park, Cupertino, California.

Participants Benefit

1、The tech industry's contribution to the building industry.
2、The tech industry's advancement of the building industry.
3、Have a shot at building the best office building in the world.

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