New Experience in an Intelligent World in the New Era
  • Ye Zhao Ye Zhao Huawei UCD Center Director of Huawei UCD Center

    Zhao Ye joined Huawei in 2005 and participated in the building of Huawei UCD design capability system. With extensive design experience in multiple domains of carrier, enterprise, and consumer business, he planned and developed design capabilities and tool platforms, and established Huawei experience design studios outside China. He has also accumulated comprehensive experience from long-term user research, design, engineering methods, and experience strategy management.

New Experience in an Intelligent World in the New Era

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Meeting room 腾讯会议
Time 11/19 14:00-18:00
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

Our society is going through a new round of industrial revolution. By virtue of digitalization and intelligence, thousands of industries are becoming more agile and efficient. People's lives are enriched as all things are connected and applications in different scenarios offer seamless experience. Designers, as a group that inspires and changes people's work and life style, will face more design challenges in the transformation. This presentation is addressed to discuss the challenges and development trends of experience design in the digital and intelligent era, inspire designers, and improve their design capabilities.

As we know, each round of industrial revolution witnessed significant improvements in social productivity, which was aided by new technologies. Design, as a bridge between technology and application, promoted the popularization and flourishing development of technologies each time. In the electrical age, people created numerous electrical products. In the information age, the computer and Internet technologies help us produce various devices and software systems. Whoever is the first to promote the ease-of-use and inclusiveness of technologies and the wide application of technologies will grasp the opportunities of the times. This is an era featuring digitalization, all things intelligent, and all things connected. New technologies and scenarios are enlarging the scope of objects and boundaries of experience design. We can see the opportunity for designers now and in the near future to change behavioral patterns, innovate more user application scenarios, and create greater business value with new technologies.

Huawei has practiced experience design in intelligent network management, industry applications, OS experience innovation, and travel experience. We will share our opinions about the design trends and propositions in the digital and intelligent era and discuss the direction for design capability building from different perspectives of perception, behavior, and emotion. For example, we will center on users to explore how to create more natural human-AI interactions, how to change users' behavior and create industry-leading user scenarios, and how to enhance the trust of people in intelligent tools so as to bridge the gap between technologies and users.

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about new opportunities and propositions for experience design brought by the development of communications and computing technologies.
2、 Learn about Huawei's latest design practices and stimulate thinking about the development direction of design capabilities that design organizations and individuals need to build in the intelligent era.

Work Case
  • Harmony OS Innovation
  • Smart medicine
  • Smart factory
  • Smart office
  • Car smart assistant
  • New form of terminal experience
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