Design Decision and Organization Management from the Perspective of Strategy
  • Penghe Shan Penghe Shan Zhuanzhuan Senior Design Director

    Currently, he is the senior design director of Zhuanzhuan user experience design department. He has 12 years of design industry experience and 8 years of design team management experience, and has been responsible for the management of 3 design teams. During the working period of 58 and Zhuanzhuan, he was responsible for the design strategy and management of 10 + full platform and innovative businesses, covering GUI design, operation design, brand design, interaction design, user research, offline store and service design, business and strategic analysis, and led the team to rush through many important projects of enterprises, and won many design awards in the industry. We are good at looking at the portfolio investment strategy of design resources from the perspective of macro business, and advocate lightweight experience design from the perspective of users.

Design Decision and Organization Management from the Perspective of Strategy

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Time 11/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
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Content Introduction

In the process of extension and boundary expansion of design management, there are several key issues that can not be bypassed: strategic perspective, design decision-making and design potential energy. Taking these three points as the axis, we should break through the cycle, professional boundary and organizational inertia, and carry out creative layout and command of design team work, so as to maximize the team value in the current time and space cycle, We will continue to give full play to our professional ability, re create opportunities in the radiation field, and contribute extraordinary value to the enterprise.

To achieve the above ideal state, many times it is not easy, including collective flow, organizational inertia, potential energy and other factors will imperceptibly affect individual and team behavior. If we want to break through this cycle, we need to understand many cross professional problems from the top perspective, so as to explore more and greater possibilities.

Based on my observations and discussions with design managers and business executives in the past, as well as the practice of dozens of commercial projects in the past, I share my insights on the role of senior design manager. Some desensitization cases will be brought out to learn from you. I hope this sharing will bring you more practical inspiration than before, I hope you can understand with me that the end of design management is neither design nor management.

Through this workshop, I hope to solve the following problems: long-term busy, but not good results; They are always forgotten and neglected in the promotion route; We can't get rid of the role of senior tool man, and can't provide leapfrog growth for ourselves. This meeting will combine some cases to talk about how to develop the strategic perspective, and provide the basis for the overall design decision, and then how to upgrade the short-term project into a higher value local campaign, contribute the key and long-term value to the enterprise's development path, and how to go through their own growth cycle and pull themselves into another high-speed operation and growth track.

The core contents of the workshop include:
1. Design niche and design boundary
1.1 definition and boundary exploration of job search ability
1.2 help the team expand boundaries
1.3 horizontal management and upward management

2. Common level elimination judgment in design decision
2.1 excessive addictive design perspective
2.2 causal inversion
2.3 fear of ability

3. How to make design decision based on Strategy
3.1 dismantling the smallest unit of strategy
3.2 seeking opportunities and designing variables
3.3 God's perspective

4. Create potential energy for the team
4.1 what you have now is the best
4.2 potential energy accumulation (Tools & methods)
4.3 seek the opportunity to release and create the potential energy of the integration of man and sport

5. Infinite access to truth
5.1 learn more about business logic and have frequent conversations with business
5.2 self evolution

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop content overview
2、Analysis of problems in design management
3、Case Part1: making design decisions from a strategic perspective
4、Open discussion: key difficulties and breaking points
5、Case Part2: through the growth cycle -- elements of personal and organizational upgrading (content and model explanation)
6、Open Q & A

Target Audience

1、Design Director
2、Design Manager

Participants Benefit

1、Through decision-making model and design case, we can understand how to make design decision based on strategic perspective
2、Learn how to cross the growth cycle, improve key capabilities, and complete self iteration

Work Case
  • Past team cases
  • The process of design decision
  • Three elements of going through the growth cycle
  • Visual and information gap brought by role
Guess You Like
  • Past team cases 14
  • The process of design decision 24
  • Three elements of going through the growth cycle 34
  • Visual and information gap brought by role 44
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