Operation design enabling business
  • Callee Liu Callee Liu Tencent Visual designer

    In 2017, she joined Tencent Animation as a design director, responsible for the formulation of visual specifications for Tencent Animation platform, as well as visual guidance and creative design for content operation. She has certain methods and understanding of how Internet design can better create value for business and users. She advocates design practitioners to change their design work from passive pure execution to active promotion of business growth.

    Design philosophy: I believe that for content-based products, the right way is to let the design follow the content and let the content that really attracts users to pry up the product and pull up the volume.

Operation design enabling business

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Time 11/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Operation Design
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Content Introduction

This sharing, combined with the animation business from the user's mind, through the study of different dimensions of content-based products to create a set of proven design to drive business growth strategy.

The shared case focuses on one of the branches of operation design, operation material promotion design, to explain in detail. Content promotion design has always been a core important element of the content industry, and with the development of the content industry chain, content design will become more and more prominent in future products. Some teams use artificial intelligence software to fill a large amount of operational material in non-core operational bits, so what should we do for core operational resource bits?

How designers will use core operational resource bits to consistently drive product conversion, drive business growth and maximise the value of designers will be the highlight of this sharing, as well as the precipitation of this methodology, which is a set of strong applicable high conversion rate operational material building process and design guidelines to help designers better understand user needs and improve the operational conversion rate of internet products.

Through business data conversion, you can better weigh the strengths and weaknesses of design and explore users' desire to click and potential thinking. Learn to weigh and distinguish what is good design and effective design. Open up the confusion of designers in their day-to-day work, moving design work from passive and pure execution to proactive and driving business growth in practice.

In this environment where the level of artificial intelligence design is getting better and better, the time when designers could survive in the industry with only one skill no longer exists. Under the change of the Internet, designers can only take their place in this enduring battle by constantly widening their boundaries and expanding their value space.

The content of this workshop mainly includes
1、Visual quality upgrade
1.1 Finding the right way to play the promotional graphics for the animation industry

2、Design for growth: design strategies to drive data growth
2.1 Digging deeper: differentiated expression for male and female users
2.2 Reinvention: low cost to create product framework diversity

3、Building design capabilities: the ability to systematically solve complex problems
3.1 Industrialisation: the assembly line design collaboration model
3.2 Paradigmisation: benchmarking templates & specifications
3.3 Tooling: engineering batch execution

Structure and Agenda

1、Background to the workshop: The core value chain of content promotion design in the content industry
2、Methodology: "Three steps to content-based products", "Design-led approach to breakthrough business implementation"
3、Hands-on practice sessions
4、Open Q&A: Free flowing Q & A session

Target Audience

1、Design team leader, design manager
2、Visual designer in content or promotion areas such as e-commerce, film, video, games, animation, etc.
3、Relevant people with an interest in operational design

Participants Benefit

1、Creating a product tone, a specific approach to content-based product visual upgrades across the platform
2、A deep combination of operational and design thinking to help drive business development
3、A specific mindset shift approach on how designers can truly be professionally empowered for business

Work Case
  • Business Breakthrough Methodology Precipitation
  • Three steps to creating a content-based product visual
  • User experience upgrades
  • Deepening of male and female users of anime products
  • Fine-tuned operations
  • Men's channel operational material map
  • Women's channel operating material map
  • Anime products BANENR
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  • Business Breakthrough Methodology Precipitation 18
  • Three steps to creating a content-based product visual 28
  • User experience upgrades 38
  • Deepening of male and female users of anime products 48
  • Fine-tuned operations 58
  • Men's channel operational material map 68
  • Women's channel operating material map 78
  • Anime products BANENR 88
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