MICRO-Scenario UX: Redefine Peak Experience For Smart Mobility
  • Jeff Yu Jeff Yu BMW Designworks UX Designer

    As UX Designer at BMW Designworks, Jeff is responsible for holistic digital and physical experience for all brands of the BMW Group, BMW, MINI, and Rolls Royce, as well as a wide variety of external clients worldwide. Jeff is also the presenter of global digital trends, impacting design development strategically. His interdisciplinary approach focuses on impactful innovation through synergy between micro and macro perspectives.
    Jeff graduated in Service Design at UAL and Industrial Design at Tongji with Arts and Engineering degrees. His works have been launched in CES, CIIE, WIC, and Shanghai Design Week in the past five years.
    Design Principle: Micro-scenario drives macro-innovation.

MICRO-Scenario UX: Redefine Peak Experience For Smart Mobility

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Time 11/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

Global smart electric vehicles are ushering in a new round of outbreaks. Traditional luxury car brands and local emerging electric car brands have released future mobile travel innovation results, and the pattern of smart car interior spaces is blooming. With the diversification of lifestyles and the vigorous development of intelligent networking, the functional form of the car cockpit is gradually being redefined: a highly interconnected third space, a large-screen entertainment theater, a mobile office business class, and a wagon for family camping. , Immersed and relaxed atmosphere space, etc. How will electrification, intelligence, and digitization affect the future mobility space? How does the in-car space experience meet the diverse lifestyles of the new generation?

Through the co-creation from the perspective of user experience, this workshop will deeply practice the MICRO-Scenario pace experience design methodology, and go deep into the life situation of the new generation, driven by localization, electrification, intelligence, and digitization, to customize China's future digital mobile travel space New form. In-depth insights with micro-scenarios, leveraging the system-level integrated innovative design of digital content, multi-modal interaction, service contact connection, and physical space experience Design a better intelligent mobile space interaction system.

The core content of this workshop includes:
1. Future smart mobile travel space
1.1 Vision of future mobile travel: smart touch points, spatial experience
1.2 Intelligent innovation of luxury car brands in China

2. BMW future mobile travel space case
2.1 Multimodal interaction-“XC-interface" immersive digital experience (2020)
2.1.1 Wearable interface in-vehicle space
2.1.2 Seamless management of travel journey and social life
2.1.3 Intelligent assistant and contextual integration instrument
2.1.4 Service experience model based on augmented reality space
2.2 Intelligent interaction-the new BMW iDrive system (2021)
2.2.1 Minimal touch, invisible technology control panel
2.2.2 User interface, map as a service
2.2.3 Intelligent Voice Assistant
2.2.4 Smart Customization: My Mode
2.3 Design process and method of smart mobile travel space

3. Intelligent mobile travel space trend: micro-scenarios
3.1 The resurgence of intelligent and digital vehicles in 2021
3.2 Intelligent micro-scenarios of luxury car brands
3.3 Intelligent micro-scenarios of Chinese electric vehicle brands
3.4 Future travel micro-scenarios from the perspective of concept cars
3.5 Paradigm shift: from global mode to micro-scenario mode

4. MICRO-Scenario UX methodology
4.1 Modality-perceive the natural human-machine interface
4.2 Integration-seamless access to the service experience
4.3 Character-define the metaphor of spatial morphology
4.4 Relation-insight into the contextual interaction relationship
4.5 Orchestration-interpret functional and emotional elements

5. Create a future smart mobile travel space through the MICRO-Scenario methodology
5.1 Bodystorming: immersive exploration of micro-scenario
5.2 User Journey: Reconstructing the functional and emotional attributes of the interior space
5.3 Space customization: Substantiate metaphors to customize the future smart mobile travel space

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: topic overview and icebreaking
2、Case study: BMW experience of smart mobility
3、Trends: future spacial experience for smart mobility
4、Methodology: MICRO-Scenario UX
5、Co-creation: future phy-gital experience for smart mobility
6、Group sharing
7、Summary and exchange

Target Audience

1、User experience designer
2、Service designer
3、Interdisciplinary innovator
4、Strategist and trend researcher
5、Social media blogger
6、Product manager from IT industry
7、KOL into lifestyle and entertainment

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the trends of intelligent vehicles and smart mobility
2、Learn the methodology and process of developing intelligent system for future smart mobility
3、Use MICRO-Scenario UX for developing phy-gital experience
4、Improve the value and impact for cross disciplinary design as an experience designer
5、Define phy-gital user experience for future smart mobility
6、Structure a good storytelling by scenario-driven narratives

Work Case
  • XC-Interface immersive digital experience
  • XC-Interface intelligent system
  • Rolls Royce Whispers
  • Digital Trends Research: Modes
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