Disrupting Disruptors
  • Moritz Ludwig Moritz Ludwig Accenture Managing Director

    Moritz is managing director at Accenture China, where he leads design and innovation. From creative director in an independent agency to leading teams within one of the world’s largest tech consultancies, he’s driven by the way new tools redefine creativity.

    He's passionate to explore the ways AIGC will “disrupt disruption” and sharing how new ways of working will empower the next generation of creatives.Apart from this, he’s a jury member of the German iF Awards and a honorary firefighter of JingAn District.

Disrupting Disruptors

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Session S5
Meeting room 大会堂A
Time 08/04 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language English
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Content Introduction

Design and creativity have never been static, new tech has always been an accelerator to the processes we use to disrupt the status quo .As our digital and physical realities converge into one shared reality, physical science and digital technology are increasingly used to amplify one another, fundamentally reshaping the way creativity works.

With this we’re now at a stage where creative processes get more attention than ever before – As innovators, how do we build on this momentum and how do we need to adapt our thinking to become more disruptive than ever before?

Building on Accenture’s industry insights and client strategies this talk will show the urgency for design to re-invent itself and share frameworks for a new position of designers, supercharged by AI.

Participants Benefit

1、Showcasing the elevated business & c-level relevance of creative tasks due to AIGC (financial and strategic dimension)
2、How does this new relevance reshape the position of creatives and innovators
3、How do we as creatives need to adapt to maximize the impact of new tech
4、How do new ways of working enable more disruption than ever

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