How Can Aesthetic Experiences Lead to Breakthrough Business Growth
  • Wang Shanshan Wang Shanshan OPPO Head of Internet Experience Design

    I am currently working as a design supervisor in OPPO ColorOS User Research and Experience Design Department. I am mainly responsible for the experience design of OPPO's Internet business, including the innovative experience design in the fields of content distribution, application distribution, game tools and communities, and advertising commercialization. The design services cover hundreds of millions of users and the revenue is ten billion commercial products.

    Design concept: I believe that the design with soul is good looking, easy to use and make money

How Can Aesthetic Experiences Lead to Breakthrough Business Growth

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Session D6
Meeting room 303A
Time 08/05 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
keynote content
Content Introduction

How to build high quality aesthetic content design system under the mobile terminal Internet? How does aesthetic experience bring exponential business results?

This workshop will start with the design cases of OPPO's official system-level lock screen and themed store, and discuss how we build a high-quality aesthetic content ecosystem and the impact of aesthetically oriented design on experience and revenue.

Through this speech, we can help you learn how to design and business planning together create content ecosystem, how to help business achieve long-term and short-term business breakthrough through high-quality and innovative design, so that designers can learn to find the power point and design value in the process.

The core content of this sharing includes:
1. Background introduction
1.1 Design concept of OPPO ColorOS system
1.2 Design principles of OPPO ColorOS

2. OPPO Internet product design
2.1 Product design practice process and results
2.2 Combined with official system-level lock screen magazine, theme store, game assistant and other business cases

3. Analyze content product design
3.1 How to Systematize content product design
3.2 Methods and measures to establish high-quality content product design

4. Product philosophy and values of OPPO as a mobile phone manufacturer
4.1 How to reflect and improve product aesthetic experience
4.2 How to base on the business growth side

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction: Introduction of the presenter and summary of the content

2、Method sharing: How do designers co-create with business planning to find the power point and design value in the process

3、Interactive practice: Set the field practice of proposition

4、Case analysis and sharing: ColorOS Personalized aesthetic design experience reconstruction Project

5、Q&A free communication

Target Audience

1、Middle and senior operations designer, middle and senior UI designer

2、Designer, student of design department, product operation manager with aesthetic pursuit

3、Business experience designer, who is interested in systematically building high quality design

4、Product Operation Manager of content operation

Participants Benefit

1、Understand a new design value

2、Master the systematic construction of high-quality design methods

3、Re-examine experience and business from a new perspective

Work Case
  • High quality column ART+ UI interface
  • ART+ Content wallpaper
  • Design framework and build ideas
  • Aesthetic experience structure
  • Establish aesthetic rules
  • Quality control and subdivision
  • Terminal Internet structure
  • Content distribution strategy
Guess You Like
  • High quality column ART+ UI interface 18
  • ART+ Content wallpaper 28
  • Design framework and build ideas 38
  • Aesthetic experience structure 48
  • Establish aesthetic rules 58
  • Quality control and subdivision 68
  • Terminal Internet structure 78
  • Content distribution strategy 88
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