Preparing Future Management through Design Leadership
  • Don Tae Lee Don Tae Lee Samsung Art & Design Institute President

    After a long and productive role at Samsung Corporate Design Center and concurrently acting as President at SADI, he has moved over to the President's office at SADI full time.

    As the head of Corporate Design Center at Samsung Electronics, Don was responsible for developing advanced designs for new businesses. He has been involved in design field for 25 years and has become a motivational leader in pursuing design that enriches the lives of consumers through human-centered innovation.
    He has worked on projects ranging from small consumer goods to heavy-industrial products. Before joining Samsung, he led Tangerine as a co-president. He received the honorary fellowship from Royal College of Art in 2016.
    He has a passion for creating a sense of seamlessness and cohesiveness across Samsung products to give consumers a singular experience. He pursued innovative designs and plays a leading role in improving design identity and usability of various products at Samsung.

Preparing Future Management through Design Leadership

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Session S10
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Time 08/04 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language English
Direction Design Management
keynote content
Content Introduction

Remarkable developments in technology provide consumers with new life experiences every day. Each company tries to communicate with its customers in its own way with the expertise and experience it has built for years. These efforts are developed in various ways, of which design is the most efficient and constructive method of communication between technology and user experience.

Now design is becoming a pioneer in this area, standing out in front of the brand, not as an unseen assistant operating to complete the customer experience.Design leadership helps us better understand the importance of how this design paradigm presentation and make it play an indispensable key role in enterprises in various fields.
Design leadership is essential to understand the importance of this design paradigm and give it a pivotal role in the company. Through this presentation, we will first look at what design leadership is and why it is necessary. I will also suggest how executives, who fully sympathize with its importance, can create design leadership that is trusted by customers. Finally, I would like to make some recommendations as to how design leadership should prepare for the future in the rapidly changing market environment and shifting trends.

Participants Benefit

1、Understand what design leadership is
2、Understand the importance of design leadership
3、Learn how to create customer trust in design leadership
4、Learn how to design leadership for the future

Work Case
  • Role of designers
  • An effort to be consistent and sustainable
  • Ceragem v3
  • future lifestyle
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