Albert Shum
Microsoft/Vice President
Join the team that you will be proud of in your life to share knowledge and experience as well as benefit others. Work together to build a new experience framework.


You will not just receive an honor.
  • Enhance the popularity and influence of individuals and enterprises
  • Get access to user experience and resource of outstanding people
  • Certificate of honor and recognition of qualifications for keynote speaker
  • Free and open access to part of the activities of the conference
  • Enjoy one-to-one service provided by volunteers from top universities
  • Get training and guidance in presentation skills


Let your life shine on the suitable stage
  • Keynote Speech
    3000 Attendees
    Theater Style/Classroom Style
  • Summit Speech
    150-300 Attendees
    Theater Style/Classroom Style
  • Workshop
    30-60 Attendees
    Grouping/Round Tables/Classroom Style

Application Requirements

You are exactly who we're looking for
  • More than 6 Years of Experience in UX
    The keynote speaker needs to have more than 6 years of working experience in user experience
  • Appealing Presentation Skills
    The keynote speaker needs to have experience in training or public speaking. The keynote speakers who have good on-the-spot performance, communication skills and interaction ability would be preferred
  • Intellectual Property Protection
    The content of the keynote speech should be original with no risk of infringing intellectual property right. In addition, the content of the keynote speech should not be lectured in other industry conferences
  • Publicity and Presentation
    Providing relevant information and documents according to the schedule requirements of the organizing committee, actively participating in the publicity activities and media coverage

How To Apply

Only 3 steps
  • Fill in the application form
    Tell us what you want to present
  • Complete your information
    Fill in the topic and personal information
  • Get qualified
    Qualified to be speaker after approval