Design for Operational Growth -- Make Design Value Obvious
  • Xie Junwei Xie Junwei DIDI Design Lead for Platform Passenger Growth

    Now I am in charge of passenger growth design for Didi CDX platform. I built a growth design team from 0 to 1. In three years, I have accumulated a growth design method suitable for Didi, responsible for the construction of growth products, such as membership, fission tools, payment tools, tasks, etc., and responsible for large-scale marketing activities, such as Didi 567 and promotion in off-season. He used to be the head of design at NetEase Mobile, responsible for designing mobile products such as NetEase News and Open Class. Experience in B2B, O2O, content products and other fields, with more than 10 years of experience design, service design, growth design, operation design experience.

    Design concept: perceptual creation, rational problem solving

Design for Operational Growth -- Make Design Value Obvious

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Session A5
Meeting room 302B
Time 08/03 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Operational Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In today's competitive business environment, cost reduction and efficiency has become the focus of enterprises, enterprises need to constantly reduce costs, improve efficiency, in order to maintain competitive advantages. With the vigorous development of artificial intelligence technology, designers' career development is facing new opportunities and challenges.

In order to adapt successfully to this change, designers need to first understand their own value and role. They need to see that they are not just there for aesthetic reasons, but that they can create real business value for the business. Designers should actively participate in the decision-making process of the enterprise and understand the strategic goals and target audiences of the enterprise, so as to use design as a means to achieve these goals.

At the same time, designers need to demonstrate their own value. They need to show their role in the project, their design ideas and problem-solving methods to the decision makers of the enterprise, as well as the direct contribution of design to the enterprise value. In this highly competitive business environment, designers must adapt to changes, constantly learn and innovate, make their own value explicit, and become an indispensable part of the enterprise.

This workshop will start from the experience of operating growth design. The main contents are as follows:
1. Industry and business background
1.1 Overall background of slowing growth
1.2 Development stages & Characteristics & Restrictions of travel business
1.3 Business growth ideas at the present stage

2. Increase the construction of design team
2.1 Design value direction of perception, transformation and efficiency
2.2 Construction and capability composition of the growth team
2.3 Project Process & Positions of each role

3. Operation Growth design method - transformation Enabling (combined with member projects)
3.1 How to gain insight into high design value in business
3.2 What ideas do we have to solve the problem
3.3 Value measurement method (design experiment, etc.)

4. Operational Growth design Method - Perceptual empowerment (combined with great promotion activities)
4.1 How does visual design bring Growth
4.2 Different activity types and visual power points
4.3 How to create outstanding promotion activities
4.4 How to build a long-term Mind
4.5 Value measurement method

5. Operation growth design method - efficiency enabling
5.1 Operation Efficiency Direction Execution Roadmap
5.2 Construction of operation efficiency system
5.3 Introduction of AI intelligence

Structure and Agenda

1、Summary of workshop

2、Theoretical explanation: Increasing design value & low-level design thinking & ability requirements

3、Case practice: Explain specific methods of growth design combined with cases (covering vision &UI& interaction)

4、Practical interaction: design related themes and display achievements in groups

5、Q&A Communication

Target Audience

1、Beginning/Middle/Senior interaction Designer

2、Early/Middle/Senior UI Designer

3、Preliminary/intermediate/senior visual (operation, illustration, 3D) designer

Participants Benefit

1、Better understanding of the industry and career direction

2、Deeply learn and increase design thinking

3、Ability to master specific growth design methods and shape explicit design values

Work Case
  • Fine design to build members long-term mind
  • High design value from a growth perspective
  • Create a compelling campaign
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