Designing the Metaverse for Solving Real-World Problems
  • Duality CEO

    Apurva Shah is the co-founder and CEO at Duality, where he leads their mission of building an enterprise metaverse for solving real-world problems.

    Apurva prior roles include: Head of Creative Technology and Design Systems at Capital One, SVP of global technology at Rhythm & Hues Studios and Visual Effects Supervisor and member of the technical brain trust at Pixar. His film credits include Ratatouille, Shrek, Finding Nemo, and Toy Story 3. He holds several innovative patents in simulation, rendering, and digital payments and has served on the SIGGRAPH committee and on the board of the Visual Effects Society.

    He is an adjunct professor in the Interaction Design program at California College of the Arts where he covers emerging technology topics such as Metaverse Design and Designing for Trust. Previously he taught animation at Ringling in Sarasota, Art Institute and Academy of Art in San Francisco.

    Apurva’s consulting collaborations include a technical advisor relationship with LA based Spire Animation Studios and a strategic advisor role to Mumbai-based real-time technology studio, Green Rain. He also serves as advisor for the non-profit Kids & Art Foundation.

Designing the Metaverse for Solving Real-World Problems

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Time 12/30 13:30-17:00
Type Speech
Language English
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

This keynote will cover a framework for analyzing existing metaverse experiences and creating new ones. It will introduce the concept and various utilizations of digital twins in a metaverse environment. Lastly it will expand the thinking of metaverse design beyond gaming with an overview of the kinds of real-world problems and complex questions that can be addressed in the metaverse and the opportunities presented as this technology matures.

Participants Benefit

1、Overview of the metaverse landscape, including the differences between consumer and enterprise metaverses.
2、Introduction to the framework of metaverse design.
3、Exploration of how the metaverse can be used to solver real-world problems.

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