Leverage high-quality growth with cognitive psychology
  • Pang Yi Pang Yi MYbank Experience design expert

    Four-year ToB cloud computing product design—Incubates a large-scale cloud computing platform through full-link design integration to promote the commercialization of Alibaba Cloud. In the field of cloud computing, we will build a systematic design strategy around the application lifecycle to solve problems such as multi-role collaboration and many complex link breakpoints.
    Three years ToB growth design in the financial field - responsible for the growth design of online commercial banks, formulating growth strategies for multiple channels such as online launch and offline pull-up, precipitating customer groups that match the cognitive psychology of users× media feature growth models, bringing high-quality growth to the business, and using innovative design to create growth levers to achieve significant efficiency and cost reduction

Leverage high-quality growth with cognitive psychology

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Session E7
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Time 12/31 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

When the Internet's traffic dividend gradually disappears, how to improve the conversion efficiency of off-end traffic will become more and more important. The design needs to analyze the complex behaviors of users from outside to inside, online and offline, combined with the theory of user cognitive psychology, and solve a series of problems such as user distrust, unwillingness to come, and inability to retain through creative design. , build cost-effective growth levers in different scenarios, leverage and form a set of sustainable Internet service growth design models.

This workshop includes:
1. The current situation of Internet services and the background of users’ cognitive psychology
1.1 The complex behavior and current situation of users (don't know, don't trust, don't want to use)
1.2 Root cause insight behind the above status quo

2. Build a high-quality growth model based on user cognitive psychology
2.1 Taking the financial business as an example, it explains how to create a low-cost growth lever through innovative design, so that users can undertake smoother and more efficient circulation from the outside to the inside, so as to bring high-quality growth and achieve efficiency improvement and cost reduction The goal
2.2 A multi-dimensional and intersecting growth model of Internet financial services is formed by service scenarios × customer group characteristics × channel circulation

3. Future trends in the context of interconnection
3.1 The current traffic still has platform and artificial isolation, what can be done before it is eliminated
3.2 How to achieve sustainable and low-cost growth in the context of future interoperability

Through sharing, the participants learned about the problems and solutions that may be faced by Internet financial services in the process of growth, and mastered the design methods of how to solve the user growth from the user's cognitive psychology and behavioral lines, and also gained insights into future trends. Think and inspire.

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Introduction: A brief introduction to the context of the content
2、Case Analysis: Relevant Growth Strategies, Model Sharing
3、Interactive practice: Find the growth levers in your own business through insight into user cognition and behavior, and build a growth design model
4、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Experience designer
2、Creative designer
3、Growth designer

Participants Benefit

1、Make explicit the implicit relationship between cognitive theory and growth, and understand the underlying logic behind growth
2、How to create low-cost and high-efficiency traffic growth through design methods in growth projects
3、Practice effective growth tools, tools and strategies to help expand the future of work

video introduction
Work Case
  • ToB cloud computing product design method
  • Scenario Finance Pulls New
  • Rural customer base periodically attracts new operation activities2
  • Rural customer base periodically attracts new operation activities1
  • Delivery model
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