Volunteer Recruitment
  • Close to excellent designers, specialists and professors
  • Know the most forefront design cases and insights in UX industry
  • Get in touch with the most fashion intellectual products and excellent design works
  • Get a volunteer certificate of IXDC
  • Get the chance of internship and work in famous enterprises
  • Find like-minded partners and gain friendship

Guide to attend


Hand out gifts

Group Photo

Photo With the Speakers

Airport Pick Up the Guest

Tips: Volunteers need to cover the expenses of travelling, IXDC committee will offer working meals during the conference.
  • Students aged 18 or above
  • Finish the applying information
  • You can participate all the time
  • Actively cooperate
Tips: Volunteers should participate in the training and obey the division and arrangement of committee.
Work as a volunteer
How to Apply: Apply online — Interview — Training and Division — Work in IXDC2021

  • Live broadcast team

    Do a good job in notifying, coordinating and guiding participants, and solve customer problems in a timely manner
    Assist in the preparation, inspection and verification of all materials involved in the follow-up presentation
    Assist in the development of live broadcasting, prepare all aspects of the speech site, and deal with emergencies in a mobile manner
    Follow up the progress and completion of each group's work, and synchronize information in a timely manner

  • Media Advocacy Group

    Responsible for the materials submitted by the conference organizer to write push copy
    Responsible for typesetting according to push copy
    Responsible for assisting in interviewing conference guests
    Responsible for the shooting of the conference site

  • Production team

    Responsible for sorting out the publicity materials of the conference, collecting, summarizing and archiving
    Responsible for coordinating the video production of the conference, and accepting and summarizing the production results
    Responsible for following up the production of conference materials, following up the quality and distribution

联系客服 立即参会 立即申请 立即申请
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添加IXDC官方微信,可以直接在线沟通 公众号ID:ixdcorg



联系客服 立即报名 立即申请 立即申请
添加IXDC官方微信,可以直接在线沟通 公众号ID:ixdcorg