How to Accurately Understand Ecosystem Experience and Build Leading Design Practice
  • Yuhang Zhao Yuhang Zhao Huawei Innovation Design Lead

    More than ten years of design experience, covering enterprise digital transformation, operator transformation, consumer experience upgrading, cloud and computing and other cross domain design experience, with successful delivery experience of global 30 + customers, has unique views on localized design. At present, it focuses on the innovation and competitiveness construction of consumers' whole scene and ecological experience. It has been deeply engaged in the field of ecological experience for many years, gradually building a complete and clear top-level architecture, and has achieved successful design practice experience.

    Design concept: advocate always stand in the perspective of the final consumer to drive all levels of experience upgrading, and fully combine business and technology to ensure the final listing and commercial success of products.

How to Accurately Understand Ecosystem Experience and Build Leading Design Practice

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Session C4
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Time 11/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
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Content Introduction

Under the background of international politics, more and more companies are aware of the importance of ecological chain and partners in business success and business logic. In the future, more and more companies will attach importance to and vigorously develop ecological platforms, and even rely on ecology to achieve sustainable profits. At the same time, the threshold of ecological experience is higher than that of consumer oriented experience, The accumulation of TOD experience at home and abroad is less, and the development is not sufficient (TOD = to developer, facing the ecological domain experience direction of partners, developers, ISV, and other roles and tools and other platform products), which makes designers in this field start from scratch, feel the stone and cross the River, and lack of effective industry communication. How to build an excellent ecological experience, which aspects need to be paid attention to, there are not many successful practices and cases in the industry, which leads to great confusion and confusion for designers after entering the field, and they don't know where to start. We have matched Huawei's strategic direction and deeply cultivated Huawei's ecological experience for many years. We have gradually built a clear operational map of ecological experience and successful practical results, hoping to share them with designers and relevant operators.

Based on years of accumulation in the field of ecology, we share a complete top-level architecture and operational sand table of ecological experience, so that we can clearly see the construction method of the complete model of ecological experience, and the insight direction and design scope that need in-depth thinking in this field, so as to ensure that every designer in this field can think about the ecological experience end-to-end. Around the three core directions of user ecology, developer ecology and tool platform ecology, we share the successful practical experience in crowd stratification, human factor analysis, tool efficiency and other special projects, so as to help you quickly understand how to accurately aim at the target user group of developers and create an experience suitable for them.

The specific contents of this workshop include:
1. Design and management of ecological experience model
1.1 introduction of mobile terminal ecological concept
1.2 panorama of mobile terminal ecological platform
1.3 matching ecological strategy basic experience, interactive behavior and emotional value construction method

2. Ecological brand experience
2.1 industry excellent practice sharing
2.2 research on developer empathy
2.3 definition of core elements of ecological brand
2.4 ecological brand design practice sharing
Case: developer official website experience brand definition

3. How to enable developers to develop efficiently
3.1 life cycle analysis of ecological development platform
3.2 low code development experience and practice sharing
3.3 Hongmeng development tool design innovation sharing

4. Promotion of human factors driven experience in the stratification of ecological user groups
4.1 crowd stratification method and design practice sharing
4.2 visual retrieval efficiency and operation efficiency improvement methods and practice sharing
4.3 human factors measurement model construction method

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: content summary
2、Explanation of theoretical methods: introduction of the complete experience model and experience architecture method in the ecological field
3、Case sharing: Huawei ecological experience model sand table successful special design practice experience
4、Practice interaction: group discussion, face to face, experience model construction of ecological field in different industries
5、Q & A: free communication
6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Eco partner platform Designer
2、Ecological operation / management personnel
3、R & D / design related tool designers
4、Huawei Hongmeng system / HMS developer

Participants Benefit

1、Master the method of building ecological experience model and framework
2、Understand how to conduct relevant research and insight for the target user group of developers
3、Master and understand Hongmeng / HMS end-to-end access experience process

Work Case
  • Build the ability of leading ecology and transform into a hardware and ecological company
  • Developer ecological experience model
  • Business operation experience in ecological environment
  • Application management experience
  • Developer ecology is the core of business ecology
  • Low code multi device application development experience
  • Minimalist and efficient development experience
  • Experience design logic of ecological success
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