Innovative 3D Virtual Design - Establish Brand New AR Universe for You
  • Justin Cao Justin Cao Huawei ARVR Design Director

    At present, he is the experience design director of Huawei UCD center. At present, he is mainly responsible for the experience design in Huawei AR / VR field, as well as the experience definition and construction of ecology in this field, aiming at creating the ultimate experience framework and products of creative virtual world, and improving the quality of people's life, entertainment and work. He has been responsible for and presided over the experience design of Huawei public cloud operation platform and enterprise communication multi terminal integrated communication, and has many patents.

    With nearly 19 years of experience design experience, he is good at positioning experience strategy and overall design based on product insight, and defining competitive product experience.

Innovative 3D Virtual Design - Establish Brand New AR Universe for You

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Session B3
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 11/18 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the continuous development of ar Augmented Reality and the continuous popularization of 5g, the future world will no longer be a world, but composed of countless virtual parallel worlds. Even everyone has a virtual world, or has many different virtual parallel worlds according to mood and state. How to generate these virtual parallel worlds? Ar Augmented reality can help you realize it. Huawei has rich experience in building virtual parallel world in AR, and has various solutions in people's life, entertainment, shopping and other scenes.

This workshop will share Huawei's practical experience in AR, and tell you how to output ar content and model more efficiently and with high quality through our achievements and detours in AR, as well as our diversified exploration experience in AR content scene and scene, and our gains in daily creativity, original painting, modeling, rendering, lighting and layout. We also summarize some rules and norms, which can make you get twice the result with half the effort in the future ar design work, and design perfect ar content.

The key links of the workshop include:
1. The recent development of AR industry, and the role of design in it
1.1 why AR can change the world
1.2 Huawei's ar development
1.3 the case of Huawei in AR, the influence of design in it
Case 1: Huawei Shenzhen intelligent life Museum - "ar star"
Case 2: Huawei Chengdu flagship store - "ar Panda"
Case 3: Shenzhen Tian'an cloud Valley scene - "ar cloud top city"

2. Design methodology of AR content
2.1 the central idea of AR content design
2.2 design process and links of AR content
2.3 multimodal interaction mode of AR content (walking, gesture, voice, physical feedback, etc.)

3. Design specifications and guidelines for AR content
3.1 integration and interaction between AR content and real scene
3.2 consideration of AR content for security
3.3 consideration of AR content for mobility
3.4 consideration of AR content for sound / sound effect
3.5 ar content layout method
3.6 dependence of AR content on Environment

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: content summary and Huawei ar vision
2、Case analysis: application scenarios and practice cases of Huawei ar
3、Explanation of theory and method: design method, specification and standard of AR scene and content
4、Practice interaction: create a new virtual world together -- group proposition, put forward the idea of designing and producing ar scene content together
5、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、 Relevant practitioners in Ar / VR field
2、AR / VR Designer
3、People interested in Ar / VR content

Participants Benefit

1、Application of learning AR in real life and business scenarios
2、Master ar layout and design scheme and skills
3、Understand AR specifications and standards

video introduction
Huawei Chengdu flagship store - "AR Panda"
Work Case
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