Integrate content and culture into design
  • PENG WANG PENG WANG bilibili Design Team Leader

    As the current senior creative designer of the innovation team of BILIBILI Design Center who has led large-scale projects such as BILIBILI BML concert, BW offline comic exhibition, New Year's Eve party The Most Beautiful Night, and so on. At present, he is mainly responsible for the creative design of bilibili user growth, product operation and large-scale events, aiming to combine the content needs of BILIBILI users with the brand, and ultimately resonate. At the same time, he is engaged in creative and brand-related design. Design concept: The biggest enemy of creativity is actually the unchanging routine, and good design grows with culture and content. The emergence of new culture can always bring possibilities for design innovation.

Integrate content and culture into design

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Session B7
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 11/18 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Operation Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

BILIBILI-a barrage video website, just a few years ago users were mainly ACGN cultural lovers. With the development of BILIBILI, more and more users are coming in. Now BILIBILI has become a community of pan-entertainment cultural exchange and sharing with young people as the main users. From the perspective of product positioning, there are two main aspects: one is that it still retains the community attribute of ACGN cultural lovers to watch and communicate; On the one hand, the attributes of a comprehensive cultural community with UGC content as the main body are gradually being understood by more people and beginning to become diversified.

Today, BILIBILI’s monthly active users have exceeded 200 million, a year-on-year increase of 74%. Behind the rapid growth of users, what is hidden is that a large number of new users have had an impact on the original community culture; what changes will we have under such circumstances? Through this workshop, participants can understand how we start from the perspective of understanding culture, integrate BILIBILI operation design with culture, and continuously strengthen BILIBILI’s community atmosphere and design worldview through design; they can learn about our interesting projects and learn from The most interesting design thinking and design methods.

The specific content of this workshop includes:
1. The generation of conflict: the relationship between content operation (community) and user growth (new addition)
1.1 Causes of cultural conflict
1.2 Community culture of content operation
1.3 Content evolution caused by user growth

2. Cultural integration in design
2.1 What is the style/design style of station B?
2.2 In-depth understanding of users
2.3 The second element is not only Meizhai

3. Design support: how to combine design and culture in actual cases
3.1 User growth
3.1.1 Brand and growth (explanation and introduction of product promotion (such as post-wave)/fission pull new behavior)
3.1.2 Is sinking really good and fast? (It’s not the original sin to spend money to buy the amount. What’s wrong is that you only spend money and don’t promote your values ​​and attitudes. Here will be a simple explanation of activity data from the scolded body to the scent.)
3.1.3 Transformation of growth ("The reason why users gather here is because people around you have the same interest and cultural resonance with you. If this resonance subsides, then it is not BILIBILI"; in this context (in order to ensure There are new additions and will not dilute the atmosphere of the community) The up main pull new / and recharge stations came into being

3.2 The best emotional expression at station B: hot word emoticons
3.2.1 The evangelist of culture (emoji packs, as an inevitable part of cultural science popularization, are also the key to open the door to a new world)
3.2.2 Stalking action based on data (how does BILIBILI use data to scientifically create hot word emoticons)
3.2.3 Not only fighting pictures, alternative ideographic methods in social culture (various ways of playing hot expressions, and even black products appearing on Taobao)

3.3 How to make new users understand BML
3.3.1 The establishment of a worldview story (an independent worldview, a theme story added to offline concerts)
3.3.2 Raise interest (release different decryption maps at different stages, allowing users to actively participate in decryption, and find more clues; in the final stage, it will also form a linkage with the concert program, which is also a world view of the entire concert continue)
3.3.3 The backfeeding of content gives birth to more love (non-traditional concert trailers hide information in the story to guide users to decrypt it.)
3.3.4 The holding of offline carnival (BML) enhances the sense of identity with station B

4. Better content, better growth
4.1 Interest will become the primary productive force
4.2 An interesting gameplay attempt: bilibili cheers (an interesting gameplay attempt)
4.3 Design always grows with cultural content

Structure and Agenda

1、Brief introduction: background introduction and brief introduction of team service
2、Concept explanation: Introduce the form and application method of emotionalization in design, as well as the method of extraction
3、Case analysis: Combining the case review of related projects, presenting the practical application and thinking process of the methodology
4、Practical interaction: group setting scene propositions for practice
5、Open Q&A: Q&A exchange

Target Audience

1、Intermediate/senior experience designer
2、Intermediate/senior creative designer
3、Practitioners interested in content/community/BILIBILI

Participants Benefit

1、Get the design ideas for user growth and content operation under the unique community ecology of BILIBILI
2、Understanding how BILIBILI thinks when facing users with different attributes and finally uses creativity to resonate with users, which will help creative designers have a deeper understanding of the relationship with users
3、Understand how BILIBILI outputs values and norms for creativity, so that design is not just a tool for fun, and it helps designers make content more interesting while letting themselves go.

Work Case
  • Case-Advertising Creativity During NASDAQ Listing
  • Case-Game Preview of Lol BLG Team
  • Case-BILIBILI New Year's Eve Party
  • The bridge between content and emotion
  • The bridge between content and emotion
  • Operational effectiveness measurement
  • Consumption link
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