Multi-role collaborative innovative design under the new catering services - building future restaur
  • Sheng Jiaoqi Sheng Jiaoqi Alibaba.Koubei UX

    The head of Alibaba Koubei design center group 1, Join Alibaba in 2010 up to now.Work in ALIPAY and KOUBEI.Nearly 8 years practical experience,have own understanding and solution for B and C.

  • Li Yujia

    Li Yujia Alibab Senior Interaction Designer

Multi-role collaborative innovative design under the new catering services - building future restaur

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Session C15
Meeting room 303A
Time 07/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Relying on the gradual maturity of IOT technology, the popularity of mobile payment and the upgrading of users’ consumption concepts, we are entering a new era of retailing, and traditional catering is quietly facing a change. The rich imaginary payment life that we conceive in AliPay's "like a shadow plan" is getting closer and closer to us, and word of mouth is creating new experiences for all industries of life services. Last year, we and AliPay jointly set out from the catering industry to build "future restaurants", and we help merchants exploit interactive contents together through observing consumer behaviors and use black technology to boost the consumption experiences, and at the same time, we employ big data to improve the somatosense and efficiency, and improve the overall store experiences for merchants and establish new customer relations.

This workshop specifically learns to create the service design flow for future restaurants:
1. General background introduction: From O2O to OMO and IOT, consumption upgrade and popularity of mobile payments
2. Design methods of creative construction and landing : observation - creation - proofing - testing - realization
3. Case: building the project of "Alipay x word-of-mouth future restaurants"
3.1 Understand business appeals, observe user experiences
3.2 Redefine problems, reorganize concepts, and domesticate complexities
3.3 Quickly create a sample that can be displayed
3.4 Finding the target users, and perform natural and real tests in a small area
3.5 Repeatedly polish to achieve good product experiences
Through this workshop, you can learn how to think deeply about problems and help you find out the essence of problems, and moreover, help you effectively use methods as deep design to solve problems rather than formal design by properly defining problems and by means of concept reorganization and creative discovery, etc.

Structure and Agenda

1. Brief introduction of the workshop (goals & agenda)
2. Warm-up interaction and grouping
3. General background introduction (understanding of the industry, insight of needs, analysis of behaviors)
4. Case sharing: Alipay word-of-mouth - experience design of future restaurants
5. Group exercises: build overall service experiences based on a familiar life consumption scenario
6. Achievement exhibition and summary, exchange and review in groups

Target Audience

1. Experience designer
2. Interaction/visual designers
3. Product managers

Participants Benefit

1. Observe and discover the fundamentals of requirements, and make in-depth design to solve problems
2. How do designers become process builders in a multi-role collaborative project?
3. From O2O to OMO, how do designers integrate and link experiences to achieve a win-win situation on the B/C end?

Work Case
  • Koubei_20171212
  • Alipay word of mouth-Future Restaurant experience Design
  • Koubei APP
  • Alipay APP3.0-8.0
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