Vision of Face++: artificial intelligence creates a good life
  • Zhang Xin Zhang Xin Face++ Marketing Director

Vision of Face++: artificial intelligence creates a good life

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Time 07/19 10:00-12:00
Type Trip
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
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Content Introduction

Face++ is China’s leading product company of artificial intelligence. Face++ takes deep learning and IOT sensor technology as the core, and based on its own original deep learning algorithm engine Brain++, it is deeply engaged in three core industries including financial security, mobile phone intelligence and urban brain, and committed to providing enterprise-level users with the global leading artificial intelligence. products and industry solutions.

In development, Face++'s core face recognition technology was rated as the top ten cutting-edge technologies in the world in 2017 by MIT Technology Review, a famous American science and technology review magazine. At the same time, the company was listed among the world’s smartest companies and ranked 11th. Face++ also topped the list of artificial intelligence in the list of “unicorns” of Torch Center of China's Ministry of Science and Technology for two consecutive years. In July 2017, Face++ as the only representative of a technology company, reported on enterprise innovation to Premier Li Keqiang and state leaders at all levels during the government's half-yearly economic conference.

The conference aims to help practitioners to master and learn whole new ways of thinking and working methods of different design teams, build the bridges among human beings, science, technology and business better through design, and meanwhile, hope that the participants fully feel the charm of cutting-edge technology in the related links, understand the development process of the latest technologies and broaden the horizons. IXDC specially unites Face++, and leads the participants to initiate the design tour of visual intelligence, feel the powerful power and appeal of science, explore the usage scenarios of new technologies and let technologies serve better for experiences and life.

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Structure and Agenda

10:00—10:30 Visit the office environment of Face++, feel the charm of culture and artificial intelligence technology of cutting-edge science and technology teams
10:30—10:45 Self-introduction of team members
10:45—11:30 Sharing of Zhang Xin, market director of Face++: how Face++ initiates the tour of business evolution of artificial intelligence
11:30—12:00 Free talk link: the team of Face++ interacts and exchanges with the participating teams

Target Audience

1. Designers
2. Product managers
3. Industry practitioners of artificial intelligence
4. Friends interested in visual intelligence

Participants Benefit

1. Feel the charm of the cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology, and keep abreast of the latest trends in technology development
2. Learn about the application scenarios of visual intelligence products, and how they will improve product experiences
3. Study Study how to make intelligent technology serve design

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