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Main Session ¥5000
  • 9 session Keynote Speeches
  • 2 session Free Talks
  • 2000 m2 Design Force Exhibition
  • 4 days Works Exhibition
  • UX Industry Report
  • Design Kits
  • Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Certificate of Attendance
  • Handbook
  • Presents from Sponsors
Parallel Sessions  ¥1500/session
  • 130sessionWorkshop
  • 10sessionSummit Speech
  • 6sessionDesign Trip
(without double discount)
VIP honor package (25,000 RMB). Contact customer service for registration.
  • Session
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  • 主会场
  • -
  • ¥5000
  • 主会场+1分会场
  • -
  • ¥6500
  • 主会场+2分会场
  • -
  • ¥8000
  • 主会场+3分会场
  • -
  • ¥9500
  • 主会场+4分会场
  • ¥1000券
  • ¥11000
  • 主会场+5分会场
  • ¥1500券
  • ¥12500
  • 主会场+6分会场
  • ¥2000券
  • ¥14000
  • 主会场+7分会场
  • ¥2500券
  • ¥15500
  • 主会场+8分会场
  • ¥3000券
  • ¥17000
  • 主会场+9分会场
  • ¥3500券
  • ¥18500
For sign up more smoothly, you should know the following things.
Q1: What ways can I choose to join IXDC? A1:The official website of IXDC Conference is the only way to join and choose the courses. Q2:Does the cost of meal and accommodation included in the registration fee? A2:When participate in IXDC , there may be some personal expenses(travel, accommodation, meals, etc.), please pay it on your own. IXDC organization will provide some hotels and restaurants for your reference. Q3:I see there are lunches and meals in the schedule, should I purchase them separately? A3:Yes. Q4:Can I apply for refund after the payment? A4:If you finish the payment before June 10th, you can inform IXDC organization about the refund in written form, we will arrange the refund in two weeks after IXDC. If you finish the payment after June 10th, we will not refund your fee. Q5:Is there any discount for undergraduates? A5:Students in full-time ordinary institutions of higher learning (including junior college students, regular college students and graduate students) are welcomed and. You can get a student discount. Before you registrate and pay the fee, you should fill in the "Student Registration Certificate" and upload the copies (scanning copies) of your student ID card and ID card, so that the committee can verify your identity. If the information you offer is fake, the registration will be invalid.we will not refund and make you disqualified. The organizing committee reserves the right to investigate.
Q1:Can you offer an e-invoice? A1:Yes. Q2:What types of invoices can be issued? A2:We can issue VAT invoice (Normal) and VAT invoice (Special). Please fill in the related information correctly when you registrate. If the issued invoice is incorrect because of your wrong information, you should take the responsibility on your own. Q3:Can you issue the invoice before the payment? A3:IXDC will be signed up for online registration, and you will be invoiced after we receive the payment. If the payment must go on with invoice, we can sign a contract that promises to invoice and implement the company payment procedure. But it must be finished in 10 working days or we won't keep the order.
Q1:Can I choose to join in the workshop, summit speech and design trip which are at the same time? A1:No. You can only choose one of the projects that are at the same time. Q2:Is there any limitation on the number of people at each session? A2:Course selection is planned to schedule in the middle of April. The content of the course will be updated in April 20th. There is a limitation on the number of people at each session. Entries will be accepted on a first-come first served basis. The session wil be closed up if it's filled with enough people. Q3:Can I change my choice after I choose the courses? A3:No. After you submit your choose, the ticket is created and the choice is fixed.
Q1:Can I share my ticket with my friends? A1:No. When you enter the meeting place, you must sign in electronically with you ID card and phone number. Q2:How can I get my ticket after the successful payment? A2:You need to reach the spot to get your ticket. After your payment, we will sent the certificate to you by email and message automatically. You can get the ticket by the QR code we offered when you reach the spot. Q3:Is there any other activities I can take part in, except for workshops, summit speech, keynote speech and design trips? A3:There is a page that indroduce "VALUE" in our official website, which can let you get more information.
IXDC organization reserves all the right for the final explanation.
Explanation of studying coupons

1.After you finish the payment, the coupon will be sent to your account automatically. You can check your coupon in 在“个人中心”-“我的优惠” when you login in

2. You can use the coupon to buy all IXDC courses in Meia Online Education Platform.

3.The period of validity of the coupon is from the day you get it until Jul.25th,2018. It will be invalid when it's expired.

4. The coupon can't be cashed.

Got it.
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