International Product Design Driven by Structured Thinking
  • Nan Sun Nan Sun DiDi Senior Experience Designer

International Product Design Driven by Structured Thinking

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Session G5
Meeting room 303A
Time 12/20 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In 2019, Didi's takeaway business has been launched in Mexico and Brazil Latin America. With the exploration of Didi's takeaway international market, the experience design is also continuously thinking deeply about how to meet the needs of different countries and regions and different humanistic economic situations User demands, while taking into account business innovation and demands.

In this workshop, the speaker will share the DiDi Food client product experience design and upgrade project. Through structured thinking, that is, thinking from multiple dimensions, in-depth analysis of the reasons, and finding a solution to the design thinking, driving Upgrade of international product user experience design. Through learning, master the design method ideas to promote international and very large and complex projects, achieve efficiency and large-scale coverage, and maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and drive business in efficient collaboration among multi-threaded tasks and multiple stakeholders. Increment.

The main contents of this workshop include:
1. DiDi Food international product introduction
1.1 Overview of the development path of internationalized products
1.2 Challenges
· Different countries and regions, cultural background, Internet development level, acceptance of takeaway business, aesthetic tendency, etc.

2. International product experience design driven by structured design thinking
2.1 Definition of Structured Design Thinking
2.2 Value of Structured Design Thinking
2.3 Specific methods and applications of structured design thinking
2.3.1 Bottom-up Structured Thinking-User Survey Question Collection (Mexico User Survey)
2.3.2 Top-down structured thinking — homepage refactoring target dismantling, homepage traffic distribution framework, structured SHOP components
2.3.3 Linear Structured Thinking (Storyline) — Structured MAX Shopping Cart

3. Application of efficient design models and tools
3.1 "Dual Drill" Model Design Model
3.2 Opportunity Quadrant Analysis Tool

4. Construction of component library
· Use the Simple method to build the component library, which can be used quickly by designers, effectively improving project management methods and work efficiency
4.1 A set of component libraries with rapid replication capabilities
4.2 Differences and Precipitation between Versatility and Customized Components

Structure and Agenda

1. Presenter and team introduction
2. Design Method Sharing: Structured Design Thinking
3. Case sharing: DiDi Food transaction process restructuring and upgrading project
4. According to the theme project design, the group uses structured design thinking to simulate the scheme design
5. Group results sharing
6. Q & A

Target Audience

1. Interaction designer
2. Visual designer
3. Product manager

Participants Benefit

1. Understand the reconstruction and upgrade cases of DiDiFood international product experience design;
2. Learn to master structured design models and improve design thinking skills;
3. Master the project management methods of international teams, design management and multi-party collaboration modes;
4. Learn to build a sound design framework and design ideas in international and very large and complex projects;

video introduction
Work Case
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