Emotional Design of ACGN Community
  • Sherry Ren Sherry Ren Tencent P&P Design Senior Visual Designer

Emotional Design of ACGN Community

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Session C7
Meeting room VIP3-2
Time 12/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Currently, as the ACGN* culture has gradually became known to the public, many industries are trying to use ACGN culture with various design approaches to strike the popular culture. Their design objectives are mainly focused on the increase in product usage and the using time. However, A product that can inspire the users not only needs high-quality content and smooth experience but also requires to have the appropriate emotional communication with them. Hence, there is no best design but the most suitable design.

The emotional design can help for the diversified combination of product, culture, experience and creative thoughts. Moreover, the establishment of emotional communication between products and users can render the product deeply rooted in people's hearts and builds public praise.

In this workshop, the speaker will start with the product cases created by the emotional design idea, so that participants can have a better understanding of the "Two-dimensional" and the product characteristics of the second dimension community. By sharing the design cases, this workshop will help participants to have a general idea about the mobile terminal community design process, methods, skills as well as the design mindset. After that, We will also explore the future design of the ACGN community.

*Note: the Two dimensions is a special term of “ACGN” subculture circle, which comes from the Japanese “Nijigen” (にじげん), meaning "Two-dimensional space".
Early Japanese animation, comics, games and other works are all composed of two-dimensional images, and the picture is a plane, so the virtual world created by these carriers is called "Two-dimensional space" by animation lovers, “ACGN” is a form of shorthand. “ACGN” has become a kind of culture.

Structure and Agenda

1、Ice breakers and grouping
2、Interaction: workshop background
3、Theory introduction: The design methods of mobile game community vs. ACGN community
4、Case analysis: Mobile ACGN community design case explanation(1001 interactive reading app)
5、Workshop:Proposition and method practice
7、Wrap up

Target Audience

1、UX designer with 1-3 years experience
2、People who interested in mobile community design
3、People who want to know about ACGN or ACGN community App

Participants Benefit

1、You will know what is ACGN
2、Understand the method of emotional design of ACGN community App
3、Acquire knowledge from Tencent IEG designed cases and experience of mobile community
4、Obtain the general design process, skills, and mindset of the mobile community design

Work Case
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