Brand Design Strategy——Create a Unified and Distinctive Channel Sub-brand Style
  • Li Zhejun Li Zhejun JDR Design Senior Designer

    He is currently a senior visual designer at He is responsible for the experience research and design of e-commerce platforms, focusing on establishing a shopping guide platform for marketing, creating a personalized brand tone, and helping to improve operational efficiency. He joined in 2015 and has been responsible for large-scale projects such as ’s iPad shopping platform products, mobile terminal operating channels, preferential e-commerce products, and big promotion marketing, which have precipitated a feasible design method. He once worked as a visual designer in 360 search user experience design department, and graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a master's degree in new media art design.

    Committed to building a more market-worthy brand.

Brand Design Strategy——Create a Unified and Distinctive Channel Sub-brand Style

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Session C8
Meeting room 301A
Time 12/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

As the product continues to mature, more and more product businesses are focusing on the branding of their own products. Then, many sub-products of current large companies include how to derive personalized sub-brands under the main brand. It is a problem faced by many design teams.

This workshop mainly starts with e-commerce products. Through specific project cases, it tells the business design and marketing of brand design expressions, effectively communicates them, and guides consumers to make decisions to create their own brand style and adjustment for product business. Sex. The case mainly starts from the product business of the operating platform of the marketing platform and content shopping guide, and considers from multiple perspectives of the channel and marketing activities, and elaborates the multi-dimensional brand strategy design method of building the product. Comprehensively demonstrate the support of designing and building brand strategies for each business need, and the execution process of system strategies based on the branches and sub-brands of the system. Communicate brand information to consumers in an intuitive form to create brand awareness, brand associations and consumer brand dependence, thereby bringing more value to brands.

The core content learned in the workshop includes:
1、What is the brand strategy of the product
1.1 How to understand brand strategy
1.2 Why Products Need a Brand Strategy
1.3 What products need to build a brand strategy

2、The core links and methods of building product brand strategy
2.1 How to establish the brand positioning of a product
2.1.1 Product Brand Positioning Process: Six-Step Golden Circle Analysis
2.1.2 Establish the business goals of the product: business analysis, five-dimensional pain point analysis, and experience journey map
2.1.3 Establish user portraits of products: user research, mental models, storyboards
2.1.4 Derive product orientation: * SWOT, brainstorming, keywords

2.2 Develop brand genes
2.2.1 Establish the design process of brand genes: combining product positioning and pre-research of visual emotion version
2.2.2 Formulate the design method of brand genes:
· The five-dimensional definition of visual style
· Marketing style definition
2.3 Establishing the brand ecology of products, divided into categories: content ecology, marketing ecology, vertical categories

2.4 How to precipitate product brand equity
2.4.1 Brand equity method:
Five-star model of brand equity
· Brand Power Pyramid Model
2.4.2 Brand Design Components: Composition and Framework, Scene Map and Distribution of the Whole Process, Iterative Data Tracking
2.4.3 Brand Design Materials: Material Contacts and Omni-channel Application Scenarios

3、How Design Drives Product Branding
3.1 Design-driven landing pain points: collaborative design advancement, quantification of data tracking, and design feedback
3.2 How to Plan for Landing in Dilemma: Step Out of the Comfort Circle of Design Responsibilities, Periodic Project Planning, Mutual Benefits of Cooperative Resources

4、Methods to effectively verify product brand strategy
4.1 Develop Standards for Monitoring Product Data Indicators: Measure Effectiveness of Brand Strategy
4.2 User Survey: Prove Brand Effectiveness from the User Perspective
4.3 Product Brand Power Monitoring Method: Quantitative Testing of Brand Awareness, Brand Loyalty, and Brand Potentiality
4.4 Digging the pain points of users: draw effective sounds from users, and gain insight into the design stage

* Note: SWOT analysis
SWOT Analysis, also known as strong and weak crisis analysis, pros and cons analysis method, is a method for analyzing the competitive situation of enterprises. It is one of the basic analysis methods for marketing. Opportunities and threats are used to conduct an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of themselves and to position their competitive advantages before developing a development strategy.

Structure and Agenda

1、Icebreaking warm field: theme introduction, background introduction
2、Theoretical explanation: Interpreting methodologies, core links and methods of building product brand strategies
3、Case review: project practice case explanation, experience sharing and review
4、Practice interaction: Coming out related issues, combined with methodological practice exercises.
5、Q & A: Interaction and Q & A
6、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Intermediate and senior visual designer, brand designer with more than 1-3 years
2、Intermediate and senior interaction designer with more than 3 years
3、Designers responsible for marketing and operations design

Participants Benefit

1、Help middle and senior designers establish professional knowledge system for operating product brands;
2、Master the thinking mode and method of effectively creating the key design value of the e-commerce shopping guide business brand;
3、Learn the brand framework based on the brand ecosystem, establish the tone of creating sub-brand styles, better communicate business practices and marketing in design expression, and guide consumer decision-making.

Work Case
  • Brand building strategy
  • Spike Brand Ecology
  • Channel tone
  • Spike Channel Brand Continuation
  • Super ten billion subsidies
  • Fun entertainment interface
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