Layered Experience Design of Internet Financial Products
  • Vicky Li Vicky Li Tencent FiT Design Lead

    Huihui Li joined Tencent in 2014 to build the Tencent LCT Project(which is short for Tecent Wealth Project in Chinese) from scratch. Now she is the design leader of WMD(Wealth Management Department) and is responsible for the design team management including basic platform design,  operational design, Tencent Wealth APP(VIP Version) and Gold Lucky Money project.

Layered Experience Design of Internet Financial Products

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Session D7
Meeting room 305
Time 12/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Tencent Money Management has now become the second-largest Internet financial platform in China, with hundreds of millions of users, keeping more than 100 million assets for users, and launching a membership growth system and exclusive version of the app for basic and head users. How to better serve and design for high-end users, how to design to drive more business value, we have found some key elements and methods in our products and put them to the ground.

Through this workshop, participants can understand how to design Internet financial products in a hierarchical manner for users, and design for high net worth people, including the establishment of a membership system, the directional design of high-end circle people, and the platform's commercial value mining. method. The workshop will enhance the competitiveness of designers in the future workplace, especially in product positioning, visual value mining, and other capabilities.

The core content of the workshop includes:
1. User model for user layering
1.1 User Segmentation Method
1.2 Li Caitong User Model

2.Segment the corresponding design strategy according to the user model
2.1 Design positioning method
2.2 How to refine brand keywords
2.3 How to transform brand keywords into design expression language
2.4 Method of brand color definition
2.5 How to dig for more effective visual performance

3. Product design positioning case
3.1 Design Positioning for Pan-Users
3.2 Design positioning of high-end user groups

4.How to build functions in the product
4.1 Design Strategy and Design Position of Diamond Members

5. The stratified design strategy for operational design
5.1 Member System Design Case: Hierarchical Design of User Birthdays

Structure and Agenda

1. Introduction to the workshop: Tencent wealth management project and an overview of the content of this workshop
2. Introduction of the concept: through the design of segmented groups, to provide a more accurate experience for different users
3. Case analysis: the design and data of platforms such as Tencent's wealth management membership system and exclusive version of the app will explain the actual combat
4. Practice interaction: grouping propositions to make hierarchical design proposals for different users
5. Q & A
6. Summary review

Target Audience

1. Product experience designer, visual designer
2. Product manager, operations manager
3. Design manager, design supervisor
4. ToC internet practitioners, people who are interested in internet thinking

Participants Benefit

1. Help visual designers build the ability to enhance professional mining project highlights;
2. Master the way of thinking and methods to effectively create key design values;
3. Cultivate designers to have a way of thinking and ability to bring business value to the project;

Work Case
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