Digital Convergence: Scripted Experience of Cross-border Business Innovation
  • Liu Yong Liu Yong Alibaba Senior Experience Design Expert

    In 2011, I served in the design and optimization of full-link product experience of e-commerce and foreign trade business, completed the CrateD construction of foreign trade design system with the team, and committed to continuously polishing and improving the service experience of toB foreign trade products. With 12 years of experience design experience in e-commerce & foreign trade system platform, he joined Alibaba ICBU Design Department in 2014, and is committed to practice and drive the experience design of cross-border e-commerce transaction performance full-link product, toB customer experience monitoring and experience measurement, and design system construction. Focus on the experience design innovation in the foreign trade digital-real integration scenario, carry out innovation for various digital collaborative platforms of industry ecology, and improve the efficiency and empowerment of industrial Internet.

    Design concept: Experience design reconstruction based on system engineering.

Digital Convergence: Scripted Experience of Cross-border Business Innovation

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Session C1
Meeting room 5F培训室01
Time 12/23 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

The design of cross-border e-commerce needs to comprehensively consider the cultural background, user habits and market competition environment of different countries and regions to improve the user experience and business value of cross-border e-commerce platforms. This workshop will participate in solving cross-border and international scenarios and user pain points by simulating merchant/buyer scenarios in a "script" setting way. It helps participants broaden their understanding of cross-border e-commerce complex link design and deeply understand the underlying logic of B-side business multi-role complex link experience design. Through the simulation of the merchant/buyer scenario in cross-border e-commerce, the core introduces and gives a speech on the flow line of key cross-border transactions, defines the corresponding cross-border and international scenes and user pain point propositions in the way of "script" setting, and conducts interactive Demo design in the way of script task simulation for the three core scenes (customs declaration, delivery, and documentary). It helps participants broaden their understanding of the design of complex links in cross-border e-commerce, and enables audiences to better understand and master the experience design strategies and models in cross-border e-commerce.

In this workshop, participants will learn the characteristics of cross-border e-commerce landscape link, how to be responsible for the experience design of the link moving line, conduct cross-scenario drills for merchants and buyers, and understand the key points of the scheme design of complex processes through the Demo design of three core links, and deeply understand the underlying logic of the multi-role complex link experience design of B-end business.

The core content focuses on four parts:
1、Script story presentation and foreign trade scene introduction
· A cross-border procurement story was introduced to three scenarios, explaining foreign trade scenarios, roles and experience characteristics, proposing strategies for research, experience and monitoring, making a global introduction, and introducing three scenarios and roles
1.1 Overseas buyer transaction scenario
1.2 Logistics scenario of domestic merchants
1.3 Domestic Service Declaration Scenario

2、Perform script reading and simulation based on the above story scenes
· They were grouped according to seats, and then selected scripts for script reading and simulation practice, and completed the practice of research, design and output
2.1 Overseas buyer transaction scenario (transaction follow-up) simulated sales and merchant research
2.2 Domestic business logistics scenario (logistics delivery) simulation play the boss and operator research
2.3 Domestic service customs declaration scenario (goods customs declaration) simulation play the boss and customs declaration investigation

3、Output research reports and carry out program design
· Focus on learning scheme design based on research and mining, and practice SDB model (role, behavior and data) through role introduction, process innovation and effect verification
3.1 Trading copy script
· Designed an interface scheme for real-time and efficient information tracking between buyers and sellers
3.2 Logistics delivery script
· Design an interface scheme that can achieve delivery efficiency through collaborative node aggregation
3.3 Forwarder customs declaration script
· Designed the interface scheme that can complete the whole process of customs declaration by one person

4、Each group of program verification and review communication
· Each group explained and introduced the scheme in turn, and conducted verification self-check and review based on the method model and monitoring guidance given in the script
4.1 The model based on data elements, role characteristics and behavior habits shall be verified by research
4.2 Self-evaluation of the effect is carried out based on acceptance, completion, expense and tolerance
4.3 Show the solution through quick explanation and introduction, and complete the evaluation among the groups

Structure and Agenda

1、Thematic and situational overview
2、Scene script introduction (question explanation)
3、Simulation research and scheme design (script reading → simulation research → Co-creation design → Review and award)
4、Program review communication and Q&A

Target Audience

1、Beginning/Middle/Senior interaction Designer
2、Beginning/Middle/Senior Experience Designer
3、Beginning/Middle/Advanced User Researcher
4、Practitioners interested in cross-border and full-link experience optimization
5、Students majoring in interaction design, user research, etc

Participants Benefit

1、Practice and learn cross-border business experience design
2、Master the toB experience design framework
3、The script simulates and plays the role of knowing Type B users
4、Learn the design framework of roles, behaviors and information in foreign trade scenarios

Work Case
  • Behavior types in foreign trade business scenarios
  • Different data types in foreign trade scenarios
  • Foreign trade link improvement analysis
  • Foreign trade customer research tool big picture
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