The Development of GAC Design in the Era of Great Changes
  • Zhang Fan Zhang Fan GAC R&D CENTER Vice President and Head of Design

    He is the Vice President and Head of Design of GAC R&D CENTER. He is a member of the China Industrial Design Association, an executive director of the Guangdong Industrial Design Association, and a master's supervisor at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He comprehensively manages the industrial design work of all models of GAC Group's independent brands "GAC Trumpchi" and "Aion". The designed models have won the China Appearance Design Gold Award, China Excellent Industrial Design Gold Award, China Design Red Star Award Gold Award, Germany iF Design Award, and so on. He uses his "leading domestic and world-class" design strength to help promote the sales growth and market success of automotive independent brands. At the same time, as a representative of Chinese original automotive design, he has established a significant position for Chinese design in the world automotive industry.

The Development of GAC Design in the Era of Great Changes

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Meeting room 设计殿堂·剧院
Time 12/21 13:30-17:00
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

From 1953 to 2023, after 70 years of journey, China's automobile industry is experiencing an unprecedented revolutionary transformation, facing a major change that has not been seen in a century. As a witness and participant in this great era, GAC Group has not only witnessed the development and changes of The Times and the industry, but also played an important role in it. Gac Group has always upheld the spirit of innovation, and continuously promoted the development of China's automobile industry with excellent design and high-quality manufacturing. In this process, GAC Group has accumulated rich experience and formed a unique design concept and corporate culture.

In the following sharing, the speaker will take his first perspective, take us into the history corridor of GAC Group, and share the thinking and practice of GAC design. He will explain in detail how Guangqi design always maintains a keen insight in the changing times and industries, responds to changes with changes, and creates an automotive product that is loved by consumers. At the same time, the presenter will also share GAC's thoughts and experiences over the past decade on the road of design practice, and explain how GAC finds its own positioning and concept sedimentation in persistence and inheritance, so as to cope with all changes unchanged. Finally, with a global vision and future vision, he will put forward the grand blueprint that Guangzhou Automobile Design will rely on global talent resources and innovative spirit in the future development to promote the continuous development of China's automobile industry.

Participants Benefit

1、Enhance understanding of China's auto industry and GAC's development
2、Deeply understand GAC's design approach in the era of major changes
3、Looking forward to the future development trend and direction of China's automobile industry

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  • Future outlook
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  • Conceptual innovation
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