Intelligent Product Software Design under Innovative Design Thinking
  • Han Bin Han Bin Lenovo Senior User Interface Designer

    She is in charge of software design in the experience design department of the Lenovo China Empowerment Center. With 11 years of experience in software design, she is currently responsible for upgrading the design experience of Lenovo's consumer systems and leading the innovative design of Consumer & Business Smart Hardware Products. She previously worked in Baidu, where she was responsible for product design for smart cloud business and a wide range of industries including finance and healthcare. She focuses on design innovation, better understanding of user needs, mining product design opportunities, summarizing & developing design methodologies and driving projects to the ground to improve user experience and productivity. She has led the software team to win the Red Dot award, IF award, IDEA Award and many other internationally renowned design awards.

    Design concept: problem-oriented, play a bridge between the product and the user, practice innovative thinking, continuous iterative optimization, balance short-term and long-term benefits is the designer always need to follow the proposition.

Intelligent Product Software Design under Innovative Design Thinking

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Session E1
Meeting room 5F培训室01
Time 12/24 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Under the background of the age of digital intelligence, the design concept has undergone earth-shaking changes. Product design is no longer just a single role, but pays more attention to the composite value output of multiple roles. In order to better adapt to this era of change, designers need to change their role positioning, look for the co-creation relationship between design and business, and build a thinking model of product opportunity mining.

In this workshop, we will introduce product projects such as Lenovo consumer system software experience upgrade and intelligent hardware. We will explore how the role of the designer can be transformed from a traditional role to a more diverse and interdisciplinary one. And in-depth study how to find the co-creation relationship between design and business, explore the thinking model of building product opportunity mining. Through the elaboration of the two cases of "C-end smart home" and "B-end smart big screen", we will show the design innovation opportunities brought by thinking break. And discuss with you how to build a visual and interactive consistency upgrade of hardware and software based on new experiences and new interactions.

The main contents of this workshop are:
1. Changes in UI design functions under the industrial transformation pattern
1.1 Experience change and technology change brought by scene change
1.2 Opportunities & Challenges for UI designers
1.3 Analysis of the capability elements possessed by UI designers

2. Smart large screen design in multiple scenes
2.1 User Usage Scenario Analysis
2.2 Changes in product supply and demand relationship and analysis of core pain points in multiple scenarios
2.3 How to change design thinking and explore product innovation opportunities
2.4 Elements of commercial product design considerations & Core problem solving at the B end
2.5 Design Solutions & Practice landing

3. Smart home full scene design
3.1 Smart home design thinking elements
3.2 Linkage relationship between space, equipment and people
3.3 Design thinking of multi-screen under iot devices
3.4 Core differences in multi-port information presentation & Gesture operation
3.5 Design Solutions & Practice landing

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Introduction&Ice Breaking
2、Lateral thinking ability & structural thinking construction
3、Smart Home & Smart big screen hardware case study
4、Practice & Interaction: Thinking Ability Building in new scenarios & scenario application landing

Target Audience

1、Middle & Senior Visual & interaction designer
2、People who are interested in improving design thinking & Design Drive
3、Related groups involved in smart product software

Participants Benefit

1、Help participants to establish a systematic design process of intelligent software products.
2、Help the designer excavates the Innovation Point, the establishment and the business co-creation way of thinking
3、Understand the c-end and b-end product design commonalities and differences

Work Case
  • Intelligent projection project
  • Smart home project
  • Multi-dimensional design capacity building
  • Cloud Storage Project
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