Scenario-based Efficient Universal Design-enabling Bank Customer Management
  • Ming Xiaolong Ming Xiaolong CMB Experience Designer

    He has years of experience design experience in the financial industry. He once led the revision work of the core module of the product with a monthly life of 10 million levels. He is good at mining product opportunity points, from the point of view of the whole link, summed up the whole scene of the problem, combing out strategies and solutions, and joint parties to optimize progress. He is currently a technical experience designer at China Merchants Bank. He is good at from the cost, business, experience multi-dimensional factors, do the integration of experience design, reduce the design side of the cost, and enhance the design maturity.

    Design concept: design is like seasoning, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar put in the right to taste.

Scenario-based Efficient Universal Design-enabling Bank Customer Management

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Session B3
Meeting room 5F会议室
Time 12/22 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

High-reuse universal design pattern is an efficient design method often used in B-terminal design. Through induction and summary, it can be concluded that the functional links in each same scene are often very similar. Therefore, the elements that land on the interface can also precipitate a high-quality and efficient universal design pattern.

Due to the complex attributes of banking business and sensitive information, each business department will build its own business attributes of the business system, so that the number of systems existing in the whole line is more than imagined, and fewer systems can be built horizontally from the perspective of comprehensively covering all businesses. How design teams find these commonalities in the design process and produce highly reusable universal design patterns to improve design efficiency and standardization is a topic worthy of in-depth exploration.

This workshop, based on this industry background, combined with the precipitation and practice of the design team, introduced the way to shape the universal design mode of the industrial production mode of CMB design team to the designers who participated in the workshop.

The core content focuses on four parts:

1. Background introduction on the complexity of bank B terminal system
1.1 Background Problem Discovery
1.2 Concept Presentation
1.3 Problem solving objectives

2. Scenario-based universal design mode practice landing
2.1 Methods of scene induction and extraction
2.2 How to carry out horizontal pull through the business designers for co-construction
2.3 General design pattern induction method
2.4 Usage of general design patterns

3. System general framework thinking
3.1 What is the general framework thinking of the system? By summarizing the data structure of the system, quickly overview the layout structure of the functional modules of the whole system;
3.2 How to sort out and summarize the general framework:
· Introduce the flow structure of the content/event management (add, delete, correct and check) process in the B terminal system
· Make a general induction based on actual business scenarios
· Understand the nature of system data flow
3.3 System general framework thinking How to combine the general design pattern to quickly build a system, and use practical cases to show the process from a single process to the whole system

4. Practical application and back check of general design pattern
4.1 How to quickly apply it to business design requirements
4.2 How do I determine the usefulness of the general design pattern for backchecks
4.3 Summary of the value of universal design patterns

Structure and Agenda

1、Background Introduction to Scenarioized Universal Design Patterns
2、The construction of scene design pattern and case explanation
3、Practice Environment: through the scene small test, let us quickly build a functional system
4、Exchange and answer questions on site

Target Audience

1、3-5 years intermediate b-side experience designer
2、Junior or intermediate interaction designer
3、B-end product manager
4、Junior or intermediate UI Designer

Participants Benefit

1、Understand b-side systematic framework thinking, can quickly understand the b-side system framework
2、Understand the general design pattern of the process of building and landing method
3、Learn how to structurally summarize the relationship between the interface of the b-end system and the process scenario, and quickly produce the functional interface for it

Work Case
  • Design the schema library concept
  • Common design pattern case
  • System framework thinking case-content management system
  • Introduction to Universal Design Patterns
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