Chinese Large Aircraft: System Integration and Innovative Design
  • Ren He Ren He COMAC Marketing Center Technical Director

    The national high-level introduction of overseas experts, the current COMAC technical expert, professor level senior engineer, COMAC marketing Committee technical director, deputy director of science and technology committee. The 18th Guanghua Longteng "China Design Contribution Award" silver medal winner. He served as Deputy director and senior engineer of Airworthiness Reliability Research Department of China First Aircraft Design and Research Institute; Research Fellow, University of Newcastle, Australia; Professor/Doctoral Supervisor, Department Head, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia; A Fellow of the IEAust-Fellowship of Australia; C919 Chief Designer Assistant; Deputy Chief Engineer of China Commercial Aircraft Service Center (presiding), Executive Deputy Director and Secretary General of Science and Technology Committee, Chief Information Officer, Director of Industrial Design Institute (National Civil Aircraft Industrial Design Center); Executive Deputy Director, Shanghai Civil Aircraft Real-time Monitoring and Health Management Engineering Center. He is also an adjunct professor of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Xiamen University, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Shanghai University of Applied Technology, Taiyuan University of Technology, Honorary professor/doctoral supervisor of Moscow Aeronautical University, RMIT University in Australia. Shanghai Pujiang Talent title; Leading talents of Minhang District, Shanghai; Won the title of "Detao Aviation Practice Master"; Won the "World's Top Ten Outstanding Designers (TIA)". He has won the Red Dot Design Award, Red Star Design Award, Shanghai Magnolia Design Award, the 18th Guanghua Longteng "China Design Contribution Award" silver medal.

Chinese Large Aircraft: System Integration and Innovative Design

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Session S6
Meeting room 大会堂A
Time 08/04 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
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Content Introduction

The development of domestic large aircraft is a Chinese nation's flying dream, so that China's large aircraft soaring blue sky as soon as possible, is an important component of national rejuvenation. C919 airliner is the first jet airliner developed by our country according to the international airworthiness standard. The C919 aircraft from 2007 to 2022 was issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of China of the model certification, 2023 on May 28 successfully completed the first commercial flight, the nation jubilant. This lecture will introduce the research and development process of the Chinese big flight.

Great Power, the common dream of human fly. This talk will talk about why China is developing large aircraft, the status quo of the world's large aircraft, the progress of China's large aircraft, and share the role of industrial design and design innovation in the development of large aircraft.

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about the development of large aircraft in China and the status quo of large aircraft in the world
2、Learn why China is developing large aircraft
3、Understand the role of design innovation in the development of large aircraft

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