Enter Xiaomi International Creative Center: Explore How to Create Touching Products
  • Song Xiaoyue Song Xiaoyue Xiaomi Mobile Head of the International Internet Design Center

    I am currently the head of the International Internet Design Center of Xiaomi Internet Business Department. I am committed to the operating system and brand communication of Xiaomi International MIUI, and have rich experience in overseas product design.

    As we all know, Xiaomi is a design-driven company committed to innovation and the pursuit of extreme product and service experience. As the overseas Internet design team of Xiaomi, we aim to make everyone around the world enjoy the beautiful life brought by technology.

Enter Xiaomi International Creative Center: Explore How to Create Touching Products

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Time 08/02 14:30-17:30
Type Trip
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

Xiaomi Group, founded in April 2010 and listed on the main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange on July 9, 2018, is a consumer electronics and intelligent manufacturing company with smart phones, smart hardware and IoT platform as the core.

Xiaomi is currently one of the world's leading smartphone brands, with global smartphone shipments ranking among the top three in the world. As of December 2022, it had 582 million monthly active users of MIUI globally. Meanwhile, Xiaomi has built the world's leading consumer AIoT (artificial intelligence and Internet of Things) platform. As of December 31, 2022, Xiaomi AIoT platform had connected 589 million IoT devices (excluding smartphones, laptops and tablets). The group has entered more than 100 countries and regions.

Xiaomi International Creative Center (MICC) belongs to the International Internet Department of Xiaomi Internet business unit, covering more than 420 million Xiaomi overseas Internet users. Since its establishment in 2017, MICC has been committed to bringing better experience to Xiaomi's overseas Internet users. The team has more than 20 designers, who are good at international design and multi-language design. They take the balance between experience and commercialization as the first consideration, pursue the optimal solution of product design, and promote the new growth of Xiaomi's overseas Internet business through design and innovation. The Design Journey aims to help practitioners master the application and expansion of technologies, methods and strategies in emerging fields, and learn new ways of thinking and working in different design teams.

IXDC, together with the design team of Xiaomi International Internet Department, will carry out this design tour, which will lead participants to observe Xiaomi's interpretation and application of high-tech, understand the secret of creating strong design appeal that is not affected by brand, and explore how this design team with diverse backgrounds leads designers to grow continuously in various positions and career paths.

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Structure and Agenda

1. Background introduction: Visit Xiaomi Internet Center - Xiaomi Intelligent Industrial Park
2. Structure explanation: The speaker led to understand the composition of Xiaomi International team and the cooperation process between different functional teams
3. Application analysis: Xiaomi Internet MICC design team shares MIUI overseas core applications
4. Case sharing: Give a speech on the design concept of Xiaomi Browser, Xiaomi theme, Xiaomi Store and other products as well as the latest trends of the industry
5. Interactive session: The team will interact and communicate with participants, and discuss the most cutting-edge design ideas with MICC designers

Target Audience

1. Early/middle/Senior UI/UX Designer
2. International design designer
3. International Product Manager

Participants Benefit

1. In-depth knowledge of MIUI system and development
2. Learn international design and multi-language design skills and ideas
3. Improve designers' design thinking mode and thinking ability for system-level products
4. Communicated with the team face to face to understand Xiaomi's overseas Internet products and product design concepts

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小米IIB 国际互联网部业务展示
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