The Endless Mysteries of Phoenix Center | When Art Meets the Mobius Ring
  • Liu Yuguang Liu Yuguang Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Deputy Chief Architect

    Senior architect, national first-class registered architect. I am a member of the council of Architects Branch of Architectural Society of China, a member of the Digital Professional Committee of Architectural Branch of Architectural Society of China, a member of the council of Beijing Institute of Planning, and a part-time master tutor of Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture. I graduated from Tongji University in 1997 with a master's degree in architecture. He has won the Young Architect Award of Architectural Society of China. He has creatively designed Beijing Phoenix Center and other iconic buildings, and led the future of the architecture industry with digital design. I have won the Young Architect Award of Architectural Society of China, the Gold Award for Architectural Creation of Architectural Society of China, the 2013 Excellent Architectural Design Award of Asian Architects Association, and the 2016 International BIM Gold Award. I planned and implemented the core CBD area of Beijing and the city of Daxing New Airport, and promoted the cross-border integration of architectural culture, science, art and urban life in Search of Le Corbusier.

    Design concept: Design not only focuses on the physical spatialization of buildings, but also focuses on human psychological experience from a higher level. In all the users can reach, can touch, can be observed to create thoughtful, accurate architectural details, to meet people's needs for modern quality of life and aesthetic.

The Endless Mysteries of Phoenix Center | When Art Meets the Mobius Ring

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Content Introduction

Phoenix International Media Center is located in the southwest corner of Beijing Chaoyang Center, overlooking the magnificent cityscape of CBD to the south and the open lake and shady green forest of Chaoyang Park to the north. The whole public circulation line through the building runs up and down through the annular space of Mobius, demonstrating the architectural spirit of an "innovative, open and integrated" media.

Phoenix Center was designed by the famous architect Mr. Shao Weiping, and it took six years to build carefully. Based on the digital architectural decoration system, it realizes the creation of architectural design in the complex curved form. It is the first large building designed and built with the comprehensive application of digital technology in the real sense in China. It also brings about innovative changes in the field of architectural design.

With the development of architectural technology, architectural design tends to be more and more refined. The design needs scientific and systematic methods, but also needs to take the analysis details into consideration in the final design. The design not only pays attention to the material spatialization of the building, but also pays attention to the psychological experience of people from a higher level.

IXDC and Phoenix Center carry out this design tour to explore the beauty of architecture, share complex architectural cases and experiences, discuss the relationship between architectural design and city, and think about the influence of digital technology on architecture in the present and future.

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Structure and Agenda

1. Visit and explain: Visit Phoenix International Media Center and personally feel the three-dimensional space effect brought by Mobius Ring
2. Concept analysis: Mr. Liu Yuguang, deputy chief architect of Beijing Institute of Architectural Design, analyzed the design ideas and concepts of Phoenix Center and explained that architectural design is a way to combine space utilization, sustainable design and architectural system
3. Case sharing: Take "Beijing CBD Core Area", "Beijing Winter Olympic Village", "Beijing Daxing Airport" and other urban and architectural design cases as examples to share cutting-edge and epochal architectural design ideas
4. Interaction: interaction and communication among participants

Target Audience

1. People interested in architectural design and environmental design
2. Architectural designer, landscape designer
3. Architectural design researcher and manager

Participants Benefit

1. Understand the concept and process of architectural design cases
2. Through the analysis of the design highlights of classic cases, learn and draw lessons from the design ideas to improve the design ability
3. Talk to master architects and get to know more architectural professionals

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