Service Design Methods to Assist the Growth of Finance
  • Wang Jixin Wang Jixin Jinteng Technology Senior Product Experience Designer

    Ten years of experience in interaction design, responsible for the interaction design of app Treasure for hundreds of millions of months in Tencent, constantly polishing the ultimate experience. Now she is the head of C-terminal experience design of Jinteng Technology, focusing on wealth management services for high-end people. Platform function of experience from 0 to 1, and a series of subsequent service upgrade, around the life cycle, analysis and dig the user demand, connecting online and offline, creating innovative financial technology service experience.

    Design concept: Make finance simple through the power of design, and make everyone a wealth management master

Service Design Methods to Assist the Growth of Finance

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Time 08/06 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
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Content Introduction

With the economic development, the scale of high net worth users is gradually expanding, the industry has a lot of room for development. The market for universal financial users of the platform, but for high-net-worth financial users of the platform is rare. Taking this opportunity, CICC, the "Investment banking aristocrat", teamed up with the Internet Giant Tencent to build on CICC's research and development capabilities and licensing advantages, as well as Tencent's technological capabilities and channel advantages, to jointly create a private banking service within Tencent's eco-wealth-sharing version of CICC. Through the online financial management platform, and the online exclusive investment services, to create a difference from most of the financial sales format.

How to take advantage of the combination of online and offline to create the ultimate service experience? How to give investment to enable investment to better service users? We have been constantly thinking and innovating, connecting online and offline service experience, looking for key design points, to provide users with private service experience.

This workshop will share with you: Facing the financial needs of high net worth users, how can we focus on investment advisory services, open up the online and offline experience link, create unique user financial experience, and help business growth.

1、Demand of high net worth financial users
1.1 Portraits of high net worth users
1.2 Differences between high net worth users and ordinary users
1.3 Financial difficulties and demands of high net worth users
1.4 User Segmentation

2、How to connect online and offline service experience of high net worth financial users
2.1 Main types and features of financial products
2.2 How to match appropriate financial products for users through user stratification
2.3 How to build a series of online and offline sales system

3、Build a growth system centering on the full life cycle of users to help business growth
3.1 Global funnel experience map of users around business growth
3.2 Power points of user growth in different stages
3.3 Design the peak user experience around key nodes

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: Understand the differences between different financial users
2、Sharing theories and methods: How to serve high net worth users online and offline to help business growth
3、Case analysis: Create extreme service experience by combining offline real person and mobile terminal
4、Practical interaction: group discussion, experience series between users and investment services, and scheme design attempt
5、Open questions and answers: Q&A free exchange
6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Medium/Senior interaction Designer and product experience Designer
2、Junior/Intermediate Product Manager and Operation Manager
3、Interested in Internet financial practitioners

Participants Benefit

1、Understand high-end user profiles and financial pain points
2、Harvest the high-end user service design methodology
3、Understand the growth methods of high-end financial services
4、Broaden the system thinking for daily design

Work Case
  • Asset allocation proposal
  • Personalized push according to KYC
  • Company is the most long-term confession
  • Support high-end finance growth through service design
  • Connect online and offline experiences
  • Minimum cost to improve service efficiency
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