Self-iteration of Design in the Wave of Intelligence
  • Wang Wan Wang Wan Alibaba Design Head of Industry Solution Design

    Alibaba Cloud experience design senior expert, with 10 years experience design and management experience of Ali, currently the leader of the Data Intelligence & digital industry (Data & Intelligence) team, leading the 0-1 construction of intelligent integrated solutions in industry, transportation, aviation, medical, government and other industries. He is good at using composite design methods and design thinking to solve problems. He has many years of practical experience in visualization, computational design, PaaS, SaaS and other design directions. He was the lecturer of UXPA, U Design Week and IXDC, and the producer of U Design Week.

    Design concept: Make design the translation officer of city digitalization.

Self-iteration of Design in the Wave of Intelligence

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Session E4
Meeting room 302B
Time 08/05 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the wave of intelligence, we have witnessed the rapid development of AI design technology. AI design tools are improving design efficiency, inspiring creative inspiration, providing designers with unprecedented support, and AI has become an indispensable assistant for designers.

In our business, upgraded design intelligent workflow has permeated many aspects of design work. At this summit, I will talk to you about the current state of AI design development, its impact on the design industry, and how to cope with the wave in your own field. The contents mainly include:

1. AIGC new paradigm
1.1. From digital assets to < model > assets
1.2. From Automation Tools to Generative Tools
1.3. From human-machine Collaboration to Human-Intelligence Collaboration

2. Redefine the core competence of designers
2.1. AIGC X Creative Marketing: extension of skills around creative planning;
2.2. AI X industry projects: break the cognitive barrier and create communication opportunities;
2.3. AI X business opportunities: The birth of design solution architects;

3. conform to The Times of production relations
3.1. Self-cultivation of the designer;
3.2, design a more "correct" design career environment;

I hope that through these practical stories and experiences, together with you to describe the future of the design industry a new scene.

Structure and Agenda

Target Audience

1、Interaction Designer, Visual Designer, Experience Designer, User Researcher (no restrictions on rank)
2、Interested in how AIGC and design live together
3、An audience interested in the intelligent transformation of the industry

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the operation mode and new structure of the latest design services related to the intelligent transformation of the industry;
2、Harvest the practice cases of the integration of industry, product design and design services under the sweep of AIGC;
3、Gain the irreplaceability of the designer's position in it and build itself.

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