Incubation Experience and Challenges of Operating Middle Desk
  • li Huan li Huan Baidu Senior Product Designer

    I am currently the person in charge of Baidu Tangram platform & the person in charge of matrix product operation design. I have more than 10 years of working experience, and I am mainly responsible for interface & interaction design. I have been responsible for the experience design, operation design and growth design of Baidu Chuanclass, hao123, Baidu News, Baidu big character version, Baidu Speed version, Tangram platform and other products. I am good at coordinating and guiding the design work from a multi-functional perspective, turning complex into simple, and finding the optimal solution of experience in the complex collaborative process.

    Design philosophy: Listen and understand without boundaries, construct and transform clearly boundaries.

Incubation Experience and Challenges of Operating Middle Desk

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Session E8
Meeting room 303A
Time 08/05 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

As the Internet enters the mature stage, the business demand of continuously promoting the new and existing market is increasingly strong. In this context, it is becoming more and more important to build an efficient, stable and scalable operation design platform. Operation platform can help enterprises improve the construction efficiency of operation activities, reduce repetitive work, save time and labor costs. Through the platform operation design, we can better manage and control the operation process, improve efficiency and quality.

This workshop will discuss the ideas and challenges of building an operation center from the perspective of design. Let the listener understand the design of the middle Taiwan product construction ideas, as well as the different functional perspective of the middle Taiwan product construction ideas. Describe the difficulties encountered in the process of building the platform in the operation of "Tangram", and explain how the design team and the technical team aligned the goal to build together.

The contents of this workshop are as follows:
1. Design of middle platform architecture
· The design of the middle desk architecture is an important part of the construction of the middle desk in operation design. We need to design a stable, efficient and sustainably scalable architecture that can meet fast iteration and fast launch of new functions on the premise of ensuring system performance and stability
1.1 Historical background and current situation of operating Middle Taiwan
1.2 Necessity and challenge of middle Taiwan construction
1.3 Selection and construction ideas of the middle platform architecture
1.4 Current value of the platform

2. Data governance
· Data governance and data analysis are essential links in operation design and Taiwan construction. We need to normalize the management and cleansing of data, as well as analyze it in depth to gain valuable insights and information to support business decisions.
2.1 Mechanism of data construction
2.2 Construction of activity data
2.3 Construction of platform data

3. Work flow and process optimization
· The construction of the design operation center desk needs to take into account workflow and process optimization. We need to optimize and standardize the operation design process to improve efficiency and reduce the error rate. At the same time, it is also necessary to reduce communication costs and improve collaboration efficiency through process optimization
3.1 Process construction and optimization
3.2 Design driver and iteration target selection

4. Commercial value and future development

Structure and Agenda

1、Icebreaker: Speaker and team introduction
2、Theme background: Introduction of Tangram platform
3、Design method: Thinking of daily platform construction
4、Case sharing: actual project cases
5、Interactive practice: group brainburst creativity (crowd positioning - demand convergence - experience design & configuration design)

Target Audience

1、Visual and interactive designers who build design platforms
2、Product manager with operation design platform building demands
3、Front-end engineer of middle platform construction

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the construction path of the design operation center
2、Learn how to restrain peace and personalized demands to adapt to platform building
3、Learn specific cases and practice problem-solving ideas

Work Case
  • Gameplay design and landing
  • Visual experience optimization
  • Activity configuration combing
  • Platform service architecture optimization
  • Platform construction idea
  • Platform service cluster
Guess You Like
  • Gameplay design and landing 16
  • Visual experience optimization 26
  • Activity configuration combing 36
  • Platform service architecture optimization 46
  • Platform construction idea 56
  • Platform service cluster 66
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