Proactive service design helps digital banking experience upgrade
  • Meng Can Meng Can MYbank Advanced experience design specialist

    Engaged in Internet work for nearly 10 years, he has worked in Baidu and Ant Group design departments for nearly 10 years, focusing on the user experience design of online loan financial products; The focus of design research direction is the user experience of toB credit products. With the help of the development of digital technology, we explore a variety of forms of user interaction, inject the concept of "barrier-free" use into product experience design, and hope to use the power of technology to inject better service experience into the financing products of small and micro merchants.

    Design concept: rational use of new technologies to make the user experience easier to use

Proactive service design helps digital banking experience upgrade

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Session D6
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Time 12/31 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The mobile Internet has changed the way users use financial products, and it has also brought online digital financial services into the lives of millions of users. Traditional banks have an account manager system to support face-to-face service experience, while digital banks do not have such a role; especially for the rural financial market, the overall industry’s operating information data for rural users is not perfect, and users need to fill in a lot of information to use the service. However, the self-service mode of the whole process makes it easier for users to misunderstand and difficult to operate; especially when faced with innovative products, some new interaction methods are beyond the user's cognition range.

Starting from the rural financial scene, this topic explores how digital banks can create a new user service experience, allowing users to handle business anytime and anywhere, while achieving a barrier-free service experience; we combine the user's scene and environment, and use new technologies to mobilize more users. The sensory channel enhances the efficiency of obtaining effective information, creates active service connections, and simulates the service experience of offline face-to-face communication.

This topic will introduce the active service design method. By predicting the demands of users in different scenarios and processes in advance, combined with lightweight and intelligent active service design, it will help users answer their doubts, operate smoothly, reduce awareness, and create individuality. A personalized and warm service experience.

What will be learned during the work visit:
1. Active service design method
1.1 How to mine effective user value
1.2 Theory of Active Service Design

2. Effective combination of new technologies and online products
2.1 Combination of five senses and active service
2.2 New technology innovation service experience such as AR

3. Various active service intelligent guidance design cases
3.1 Design in space scene
3.2 Design in Complex Links
3.3 Design in cross-end scenarios

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: a brief introduction to the content, thematic content sharing
2、Case Analysis: Practical sharing through actual product cases
3、Practical interaction: group propositions for effective value creation and method practice
4、Presentation/Q&A: Group presentations and reviews of works
5、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Internet financial product designer
2、Product Manager/Product Designer
3、Internet financial practitioners/people interested in Internet financial products

Participants Benefit

1、Help designers working on related products to establish new design methods
2、Provide participants with different innovative product design ideas

video introduction
Work Case
  • Service Design Framework
  • Design in Space Scenes
  • Service Design in Agricultural Scenarios
  • Asset Identification Design
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