Design Innovation Drives Sustainable Industrial Development
  • CIETC Industrial Economics Institute Director

    He graduated from Tsinghua University with Ph. D. in Engineering, LLM and Ph. D. in Political Science. Visiting Scholar and Associate Fellow, Paris Institute of Political Science, France. Since 2016, he has been engaged in policy research on industrial design and has undertaken a number of research projects and special projects in the field of industrial design. He has twice won the first prize for Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China outstanding research results. He co-edited the 2021 Blue Book of Industrial Design and the annual report on cross-border M & A in China.

    In the past two years, he has been responsible for the planning, organization and execution of China International Industrial Design Expo. At the invitation of local governments, enterprises and universities, the policy of industrial design has been preached and interpreted many times. Leading the planning of“Industrial design services local activities” is listed as the national service month of small and medium-sized enterprises Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the top ten brand activities, as the responsible person, I was awarded the first prize for innovative management of the track in the 2022 Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China Youth Meritorious Service competition.

Design Innovation Drives Sustainable Industrial Development

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Session S10
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Time 12/30 13:30-17:00
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
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Content Introduction

We often say that there is life, there is design, there is design, there is life. It can be said that design changes our food, clothing, housing and transportation, changes our way of life, mode of production, design makes our life more beautiful.

So let's talk about design. What kind of design do we really need? This talk will be about what the lecturers believe we need to be green, smart, and sustainable in line with human progress and development. Similarly, the design-driven industrial development, the need for industrial innovation volume breakthrough, relying on the strength of good systems, good values to support. At the same time, this can not be separated from the design of new thinking, design values to help.

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about the development level of industrial design in different countries
2、From the policy understanding our country national level industrial design center judgment standard

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