Modular design method to explore the possibility of multiple innovation
  •  Vivi Yong Vivi Yong ARK Innovation Consulting Innovation Director

    Graduated from Shanghai University, early mobile Internet practitioner. As a product manager, she worked for: Gaode Map, Ctrip, Vipshop, TutorABC, and built a million-level lifestyle entertainment product - Go. Deeply involved in content community, rich experience in O2O, e-commerce and online education, specialized in product, UX and UI, with deep user research insight. She was responsible for the new products and business of Vipshop's open platform for third-party Internet companies, and was responsible for OXO omnichannel solutions as the main product team, helping Vipshop to realize access to 300 large suppliers.

    Design philosophy: "Product design is not pure art, but business-driven experience".

Modular design method to explore the possibility of multiple innovation

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Session G6
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Time 01/01 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Today's market and products are gradually maturing, and users are putting forward higher requirements for experience. Products are no longer mere tools, the difference between online and offline is getting blurred, and services have to be fully integrated with experiences for brands to establish new relationships with users. ark has explored a set of modular design and iterative ideas for integrating online and offline experiences through the practical accumulation of cases in various industries.

We will lead you through our experience and thinking in the form of a workshop. The so-called modular design is to assemble different interfaces/products/services like building blocks, combining specific elements together to form a subsystem with specific functions, and using this subsystem as a general-purpose module to make multiple combinations with other products or elements to produce products with different functions or applications. Taking the online and offline experiences in a fusion perspective and also adopting a modular design approach with replicability and universal efficiency, it can help companies efficiently build a closer relationship between people and goods, people and fields, and iterate a good experience more flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The specific contents that will be learned in the workshop include
1、What is modular design
1.1 The definition of modular design
1.2 The importance of modular design in product design strategy
1.3 The scope of modular design

2. Principles of modular design
2.1 Agile: decoupling modules and upgrading capabilities
2.2 Flexibility: disassembly of the smallest modules, free combination
2.3 Rich: diverse solutions, more possibilities for hitting
2.4 Expandable: meet multiple requirements and stand the test of time

3、The core idea of modular design
3.1 Top-down construction approach
3.2 Bottom-up iterative path

4、The modular design case introduction of offline offline combination
4.1 RuiXing coffee APP experience optimization
4.2 League of Legends tournament experience design

5、Artificial intelligence version of modular design

Structure and Agenda

1、Content introduction: What is modular design
2、Theoretical explanation: principles of modular design, core ideas
3、Case review: modular design case presentation for offline offline combination

Target Audience

1、Middle/Senior UX/Interaction/Product/Full Link Designer
2、Product Manager
3、Interested Practitioners

Participants Benefit

1、Learning scenario-based interpretation of user needs
2、Learn modular design ideas for online and offline experiences
3、Ideas for iterative planning of learning experiences
4、Understanding the lessons learned from working with innovative consulting firms and A-side

video introduction
Work Case
  • Modular design methodology - Design Principles
  • Modular design methodology - top down
  • Modular design methodology - top down
  • Modular design methodology
  • McDonald's all-digital channel experience innovation
  • Fist game offline viewing experience
  • RuiXing Coffee App Experience Revamp
  • Koji Health pro applet
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