Walk into XAG and explore the journey of agricultural intelligence
  • Xiao Dingfeng Xiao Dingfeng XAG Director of Industrial Design

    Engaged in UAV design and development for more than 10 years, can grasp the product characteristics excellently, integrate user needs, technology, brand and business into the design, apply for 314 patents, authorize 221 items, and win a number of honorary awards.
    In July 2018, the leading design of the P30 agricultural drone won the 2018 German Red Dot Award; In December 2018, the leading design of the P30 agricultural drone won the 9th Provincial ⻓ Cup Diamond Award and the first prize; In December 2018, he won the honorary title of "Top Ten Excellent Industrial Designers of Guangdong Province in 2018"; In September 2019, the leading design of the P30 agricultural UAV won the DIA Best Award of the China Design Intelligent Manufacturing Award; In 2020, the R150 agricultural unmanned vehicle led by the design won the second prize of the 10th Provincial Cup; In 2021, the leading design of V40 agricultural drone won the 2021 Japan G-Mark Design Award; In 2021, he won the title of "Guangdong Design Youth Top 100 Designers".

Walk into XAG and explore the journey of agricultural intelligence

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Time 12/28 14:00-16:00
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Content Introduction

Guangzhou Jifei Technology Co., Ltd. (Jifei Technology) is an agricultural technology company with the mission of "improving agricultural production efficiency", which is committed to empowering agriculture with robots, artificial intelligence and new energy technologies. Jifei Technology has long taken smart agriculture as the development direction, given full play to the advantages of research and development and advanced manufacturing, continuously brought cutting-edge technology into agricultural production management, and built a bridge between farmers and science and technology in the form of popularization of science and technology, industrialization of achievements, and universalization of products.

Adhering to the vision of building an agricultural ecosystem that meets the development needs of mankind in the next 100 years, so that people around the world can obtain sufficient, abundant and safe food, in the past 15 years since its establishment, Jifei has independently developed agricultural drones, agricultural unmanned vehicles, agricultural machinery self-driving instruments, agricultural Internet of Things and intelligent agricultural systems, etc., through the construction of a complete product matrix and data closed loop, to provide accurate, efficient, flexible and economical unmanned production solutions for the majority of agricultural workers to solve the shortage of labor in agricultural production. Manage issues such as extensive and environmental pollution. Jifei Technology firmly believes that science and technology is the greatest public welfare in this era. Empowering agriculture with technology is not only the main business of Jifei, but also a responsibility and responsibility that Jifei practices to give back to the society.

The conference aims to lead practitioners to master the application and expansion of technologies, methods and strategies in emerging fields of continuous extension, and to learn new ways of thinking and working in different teams. IXDC and Jifei Technology will carry out this design tour, which will lead the participants to observe the help and application of Jifei Technology's products to agriculture, understand the new technologies and new technologies that are different from traditional farm management in the field of agricultural production, and explore how these new products are gradually upgraded under the design and development of Jifei Technology.

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Structure and Agenda

1. Visit the exhibition hall of Jifei Technology to experience agricultural UAVs, unmanned vehicles and remote sensing UAVs
2. Representatives of Jifei Technology team will share product cases, introduce the specific points of products, and discuss the application and research and development of UAVs
3. Interaction and communication between the team and the participants

Target Audience

1、Managers and personnel engaged in agricultural production
2、People interested in drones and driverless cars

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about the features and applications of the latest agricultural drones and driverless vehicles in 2022
2、Talk to the design team to understand the manufacturing advantages of Jifei Technology in smart agriculture
3、Learn about the cutting-edge technology of Jifei Technology in agricultural production management

video introduction
极飞 V50 2022 款农业无人机
Work Case
  • XAG V50 2022 agricultural drone
  • XAG R150 2022 agricultural unmanned vehicle
  • XAG M500 2022 remote sensing drone
  • XAG M2000 2022 remote sensing drone
  • XAG p100 2022 agricultural drone
  • XAG p100 2022 agricultural drone
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  • XAG V50 2022 agricultural drone 16
  • XAG R150 2022 agricultural unmanned vehicle 26
  • XAG M500 2022 remote sensing drone 36
  • XAG M2000 2022 remote sensing drone 46
  • XAG p100 2022 agricultural drone 56
  • XAG p100 2022 agricultural drone 66
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