Upgrade of Livestreaming Revenue System Under the Z-Generation Background
  • Sun Anqi Sun Anqi Bili Bili Senior User Experience Designer

    I work as the Senior User Experience Designer of Bili Bili Livestreaming Center, rich in the project development experience. Currently, I am in charge of Bili Bili livestreaming experience and revenue-front product design. On the experience front, I have played a leading role in Bili Bili livestreaming booth establishment as well as modified version of large-scale event livestreaming booths for BLS, S11, etc. On the revenue front, I have spearheaded efforts to upgrade the fan badge and big navigation system. Meanwhile, I am committed to the establishment of the outlook on the world, availability test and other experience research topics together with my teammates. Revolving around practical business problems, I pursue continuous construction of the construction system design and procedures. Last but not least, I cherish the design concept of shortening the distance between designers and users and promoting business development through design empowerment.

Upgrade of Livestreaming Revenue System Under the Z-Generation Background

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Content Introduction

Recent years have witnessed Bili Bili seeking new development in new fields. This has turned Bili Bili an pan-entertainment cultural community where users of the Z generation gather. Most impressively, the value-added service revenues with livestreaming business at the core has hit 1.9 billion yuan. Behind the rapid development of livestreaming business revenue is a livestreaming product design team who has never loosened their efforts to think about how to set up a set of livestreaming revenue system that is exclusive to Bili Bili and that is brand-new and consistent with the development background of the Z generation.
As an experience designer, Sun has combined the diverse livestreaming community ecology of Bili Bili and characteristics of Z-generation users for methodological development. She has summarized the upgrade and evolution path of the fan system and finished the comprehensive upgrade of the revenue system. Together with the product and marketing team, she has increased the value-added service revenue by 95% on a year-on-year basis.
Through a case analysis of the Bili Bili livestreaming revenue system upgrade design, this workshop aims at introducing how to build a complete revenue system for others. It is hoped that designers can better cope with issues related to product revenue and user growth in the livestreaming or entertainment field by combining characteristics of Z-generation users. Thereby, design can play a bigger role and create more value for business development.

The contents of this workshop mainly include:
1. New ecology of Bili Bili livestreaming under the Z-generation era
1.1 Similarities and differences between livestreaming and other pan-entertainment business
1.2 Similarities and differences between Bili Bili livestreaming and other business sectors of Bili Bili
1.3 Characteristics of Bili Bili livestreaming: Community culture and growth of fans

2. Development of the fan growth system with characteristics of Bili Bili livestreaming
2.1 Summary and verification: ID verification of fans in livestreaming booths
2.2 Silence breaking and atmosphere enlivening: Launch of fan badge and big navigation game
Case: Upgrade of fan badge games in Bili Bili livestreaming

3. Four-step system upgrade path of big navigation game
3.1 Development of the outlook on the world: Definition of the big navigation outlook on the world through brand services
3.2 Transmission of design internal core: Visual upgrade of brand symbols
3.3 Systematic expression: Use of design strategies to optimize public awareness of products and refinement
Case: Modification of the big navigation revenue in Bili Bili livestreaming

Structure and Agenda

1、About the workshop: Learn about the differences between livestreaming business and other pan-entertainment business. Learn about the Bili Bili livestreaming system.
2、Case analysis: Combine business development demand of different product stages and make breakthroughs of users’ growth barriers to establish a complete user incentive plan.
3、Practice interaction: Design different scenarios for different groups for practice.
4、Q&A: Free exchange of ideas at the Q&A round
5、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Basic/Intermediate/Senior UX Designer
2、Basic/Intermediate/Senior UI Designer
3、Professionals interested in content/community/Bili Bili.

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about the design thinking of the livestreaming system under the unique community ecology of Bili Bili.
2、Help designers strike a balance of business objectives, user objectives and design objectives at different design stages
3、Improve designers’ full-chain product thinking model and thinking capability.

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