Motion Graphics Design Creativity and Exploration
  • Cage Shi Cage Shi JD Motion Graphics Designer

    Graduated from Communication University of China, majoring in digital multimedia, with 12 years of experience in dynamic visual industry, has provided visual brand image solutions for many mainstream channels such as CCTV and domestic satellite TV, and has been committed to Internet dynamic visual creative solutions since 2011, with rich experience in Internet dynamic visual creative, has helped dynamic visual projects for LeTV, Ali, Racer, Netease, etc.; currently working in Jingdong Technology Group Marketing and Platform Operation Center - Platform Creative Design Department, providing dynamic visual creative solutions for mobile and brand communication.

    Design philosophy: Creative with common feelings, warm design perception, is my design thrust, together with design to add color to our lives.

Motion Graphics Design Creativity and Exploration

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Time 01/01 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Nowadays, mobile Internet is widely used in social, game, e-commerce, finance, education and other fields, which has completely changed people's life habits, and also brought radical changes to practitioners in various fields. The design industry has also been divided into more subdivided occupations, but in recent years, the field of visual design "dynamic visual design" is more eye-catching, in the mobile open screen, advertising, banner, marketing pages, interactive games, etc. to present a different wonderful, with a sense of rhythm, music, visual impact, lens language, dynamic With the competition and development of hardware technology and market demand, digital dynamic design is more widely applied to interactive games, e-commerce marketing, brand advertising and other C-terminal fields, combined with the methodology of mobile user experience and big data capabilities, more interesting, accurate and effective for the market to bring dynamic visuals with diverse creativity, colorful styles and different forms of experience layer. products.

With the demographic dividend of Chinese Internet and the strategy research of the stock market driven by the head big manufacturers, the market environment is more diversified and complex, thus forming the e-commerce marketing experience design system and methodology with Chinese characteristics, and the design is more customized, precise and personalized, which brings more innovative applications in expression. "Dynamic visual design" also stands out in the creative design with the changing needs, more interventions in the experience level, bringing perception, decision making and cognition to a new level, which is an environment that foreign e-commerce systems do not have, perhaps saying that China's development is now also the reverse output of foreign good experience forms and creative direction, can be It can be said that the mobile Internet now, China's dynamic creative products are affecting the world.

Dynamic visual design execution technical level entry threshold is low, but the application of product implementation is still in a relatively complex degree, here not only support the need for perfect creative visual performance capabilities, but also need to understand the visual dynamics of marketing products, in line with the experience logic and also need to combine the terminal product and R & D capabilities of synergy, which is also a large threshold of many marketing product teams on dynamic performance capabilities.

This workshop will explain the mainstream dynamic design tools, processes, techniques, and docking methods, so that designers who love dynamic creativity can implement their ideas into products faster and better, and those who are interested in dynamic creative design can join the dynamic creative design process faster. At the same time, using the design perspective to drive product capabilities and help marketing activities is also the highlight of this content. With the help of several solutions of dynamic visual applications in financial scenarios, we analyze how to use professional capabilities to upgrade and transform product functions, and finally get a very high quality and high perception of the research process of emotional products.

1、What is dynamic creative design, the areas included and the application development
1.1 The emergence, development and application of dynamic visual design; development direction and industry division of labor
1.2 Why it emerged in the Internet and why it has changed under the mobile Internet
1.3 The relationship with our life: industry/tools/entertainment etc./potential great value, etc.

2、Effectiveness of helping marketing growth, helping product capability and experience improvement
2.1 Dynamic vision in e-commerce applications: e-commerce category/finance category/platform tools
2.2 The key role of dynamic vision in the product/marketing experience
2.3 Case: Jingdong Finance APP marketing campaign: visual/interactive/experience
2.4 The relationship between future megatrends and dynamic vision: technology/experience/brand/market/industry change

3、Creativity to realize process, productization and smooth implementation
3.1 Creative-oriented skills expansion: how to choose the right direction for yourself: skills/tools/career orientation
3.2 Mainstream creative software tools and methods and differences
3.3 Experience and mainstream method system of implementation process that can be implemented quickly

4、Insight into the opportunities of dynamic design creative application capabilities for design-driven
4.1 Seeking insight into creative innovation opportunities to empower products and business with professional capabilities
4.2 Drive horizontal/vertical capability resources to do effective implementation of dynamic design
4.3 Reflect on your own creativity, how to achieve differentiation, interpret the market and achieve the forefront of the industry

Structure and Agenda

1、Previous Introduction: Talking about the development and application of dynamic visual design industry
2、Concept explanation: marketing class dynamic visual application skills and creative methods / dynamic creative skills and process research
3、Hands-on interaction: group propositions to provide creative points for projects around themselves, not limited to software/hardware
4、QA/industry future trends and experience sharing

Target Audience

1、Intermediate Operations Designer
2、Intermediate Experience Designer
3、Intermediate Visual Designer
4、Product Manager

Participants Benefit

1、Help intermediate visual designers to increase their skills and awareness of dynamic creative design and to build a dynamic creative knowledge system and industry options faster.
2、Help designers to establish a design-driven methodology to better match the future upgrading of products, and to gain insight into industry opportunities to empower business products in the department system.
3、Master the process skills of dynamic design applied to marketing products and reduce the difficulty of dynamic visual landing.

Work Case
  • MG-Dynamic visual display
  • MG-Dynamic visual display
  • The design derivation of dynamic income expression of Jingdong Finance
  • Jingdong Financial Dynamic Revenue Sharing Publisher Page
  • Jingdong Financial Video Manual 2
  • Jingdong Financial Video Manual 1
  • Jingdong Financial Integrated Marketing Promotion Main Visual - New Year's Day Series
  • Jingdong Financial Integrated Marketing Video Campaign Series
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