Building a "Four Steps" for Innovative Thinking of Full-Link Design
  • Zhao Minjuan Zhao Minjuan Baidu Head of Baidu Education Design

    With 12 years of experience in UX design at Baidu, she is currently the head of Baidu's education design and the head of the visual project team of Baidu's MEUX training group. Graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts majoring in visual communication.

    She has won the 2022 German Red Dot Award for brand and communication design; the 2022 Korean k-design award; the 2022 American Muse Gold Award. The workshops she has held include: University of Science and Technology Beijing 10-hour UX Workshop for Industrial Design, 12-hour UX Workshop for Graduate Students of Beijing Normal University, and UX Innovation Lecture at the University of Hong Kong. Has extensive teaching experience.

Building a "Four Steps" for Innovative Thinking of Full-Link Design

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Time 01/01 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

This sharing will be based on the speaker's more than ten years of practical experience in Baidu's design system, and introduce Baidu's content-based products in a number of design innovation fields, such as design framework layer, presence creation layer, cross-border cooperation layer design experience; and Combined with the actual case analysis and award-winning case analysis of Baidu Education and other products, it is divided into how designers carry out layer-by-layer innovation in the architecture layer-framework layer-design layer-data layer to bring data growth, broaden the boundaries of designers' thinking, and empower them through innovation. product.

Based on the current maturity of Internet design and gradual convergence, how can designers establish a full-link innovative thinking framework based on the current stylized work, help middle/senior designers stand out in their work, and improve designers in the future workplace competitiveness in.

Specific topics to be learned in the workshop include:
1. Effective design thinking in design practice, perspective revolution, establishment of full-link design thinking-design framework layer innovation design-design cross-innovation-resource integration innovation

2. Four steps of innovative thinking, combined with actual cases, to establish systematic design thinking
2.1 Design perspective revolution, designers' full-link systematic thinking
2.2 Design framework layer, practical case analysis of on-the-spot camp layer
2.3 Design cross-border practical cases - jumping out of the way others have traveled, combined with data verification, and constantly innovating to lead the design
2.4 Practical cases of how designers can carry out design innovation through resource integration

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Introduction: Summary of Contents
2、Concept explanation: explain the designer's change of perspective, the establishment of systematic thinking, and the thinking system that runs through innovation in design
3、Case analysis: use content-shaped products as a case to explain the actual combat: perspective change, design cross-border, resource collection, design innovation of systematic thinking
4、Practical interaction: group groups, with innovative ideas, complete design cases with design thinking; group discussions, case presentations;
5、Open Q&A: Q&A interactive exchange with prizes
6、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Junior/Intermediate/Senior Visual Designer
2、Interaction Designer/Product Designer
3、Design Manager/Design Specialist
4、Internet practitioners/people interested in Internet thinking

Participants Benefit

1、Discover a complete set of systematic design innovation thinking models in design
2、Establish innovative thinking modes and full-link design thinking to improve designers' competition in the future workplace

Work Case
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