Digital Achievement and Technical Realization of Computational Design
  • Zhan Mingming Zhan Mingming CESTC Senior Visual Designer

    Now he is in charge of large-screen visualization in China System Design Center, leading the development of large-screen visualization, digital twin innovation design capability and the establishment of experience and visual specifications.
    He has 10 years of experience in cloud service design and has worked for Huawei Cloud and Longchao Cloud. He has led the design of many major domestic and international stations and set a benchmark in the cloud service industry by creating the first 3D creative performance of Huawei Cloud, and his leading works were exhibited at the Barcelona Exhibition. He has delivered a speech at the China electronic cloud conference.

    Design philosophy: dare to think, dare to try, dare to practice, design innovation is the driving force of a better life.

Digital Achievement and Technical Realization of Computational Design

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Session E4
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 12/31 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Digital twin technology is an intuitive mapping of the commercialization of the metaverse concept in China in recent years, which can greatly promote the construction of smart cities and innovate social governance models. So how can designers better empower social change, find the greatest value point of designers in projects and products, and what kind of effective intervention to make, and it is particularly important to find out the positioning in the rapid development of innovative technology and digitalization.

This sharing will systematically analyze the two business scenarios of modern digital city and cloud service, and three design technical intervention points of digital twin city, virtual idol and visual large screen. Help participants overcome the difficulties of digital twin city technology, fill in the pits and pave the way, and how to commercialize and commercialize design value. Help middle-level or above designers who are engaged in digital twins to establish a personal capability model, and a knowledge system built by a systematic digital twin project to master a complete design product development thinking conclusion.

The specific content you will learn in the workshop includes:
1. The ubiquitous digital twin
1.1 Digital Twin Growth Environment
1.2 The business dimension of digital twin
1.3 Development Status of Twin Cities
1.4 Twin City Value and Scenario

2. Technical realization of digital twin
2.1 Internal and external environment
2.2 Demand acquisition (commercial demand and social demand)
2.3 Recognize design flow
2.4 From data to model (digital modeling)
2.5 Intensive cultivation
2.6 The charm of the engine
2.7 The big stage of design
2.8 Degree of twinning

3. The commercial value of service products
3.1 Market Positioning
3.2 Product Core Competitiveness
3.3 The unequal relationship between product capability and value realization (the first project is how to teach delivery)

4. Efficient production from product development to value realization

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: speaker, content, team introduction
2、Content Sharing: Digital Twin City Technology Implementation and Design Innovative Thinking Methods, China System Digital Twin City Evolution Road and Commercial Realization
3、Practical interaction: group theme project design: building digital twin project plan and commercial operation from 0-1
4、Q&A session: Q&A free exchange
5、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Visual Designer (Intermediate, Advanced)
2、Digital Twin Designer (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
3、Computational Designer (Beginner, Intermediate)
4、Virtual Machine (Medium, Advanced)
5、Large screen editor product manager (junior intermediate)

Participants Benefit

1、Learn how to implement digital twin technology
2、Master the experience of visual large-screen delivery
3、Learn how to implement virtual idol technology
4、Master the creative method of cloud service design

video introduction
Work Case
  • Human Factors Research
  • Resource Precipitation
  • Twin City Development Process
  • Service Area
  • Map Level
  • User Research Analysis
  • Digital Twin City
  • Groundwater Digital Simulation
Guess You Like
  • Human Factors Research 18
  • Resource Precipitation 28
  • Twin City Development Process 38
  • Service Area 48
  • Map Level 58
  • User Research Analysis 68
  • Digital Twin City 78
  • Groundwater Digital Simulation 88
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