Smart Home Visualization Design & Exploration
  • Robert Lan Robert Lan Midea loT Head of Operations and Brand Design

    He has worked for many large B2C and B2B companies, and is currently responsible for the design and guidance of business modules such as the operation and promotion design, brand promotion design and intelligent scene visualization of Meijue App products.

    Design philosophy: any designer should have user experience thinking, as long as stand in the user's perspective to understand the project, in order to capture the user's demand, solve the user's pain point.

Smart Home Visualization Design & Exploration

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Session D1
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Time 12/31 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

For smart home, intelligent scene design, this is an emerging industry, there are many intelligent future technology into life, how can we express these technical highlights to the user clearly and simply, is the value of the existence of smart home data visualization, find the design methods and ideas, let the technology into this highlight, let the product more selling point, in order to really effectively realize the value of the design.

Through this sharing, you can understand the current development status of the latest smart home industry, as well as the future exploration of smart home, understand the process of smart home visualization design, exploration and visual performance techniques. At the same time, it can enhance the designers' competitiveness in the future workplace, thinking patterns, etc.

The sharing and learning content includes.
1、The design and value of smart home
1.1 Smart home appliances
1.2 Intelligent scenes
1.3 Intelligent scene visualization design value
1.4 Industry intelligent scene design application performance characteristics
1.5 Smart scene design concept and characteristics show

2、Build the intelligent scene visualization design model library
2.1 Intelligent scene model library construction
2.2 User portrait analysis and role design
2.3 Construction of 3-D visualization appliance elements
2.4 Furniture and other construction
2.5 Intelligent scene building method
2.6 Design process and method

3、Intelligent scene visualization motion design case study
3.1 Intelligent scene visualization design
3.2 Design creation process
3.3 Deep scene data visualization case analysis
3.4 Application of design specification
3.5 Intelligent home - 5 intelligent spaces and whole house smart appliance design
3.6 Design of interactive experience of smart scenes

4、The design and exploration of meta-home
4.1 Meta-home
4.2 Current Situation-Design of VR Smart Home
4.3 Status quo-Design of VR fun scenes
4.4 Future-Design of virtual scenes with more interactive experience

Meta-home: Based on the basic technologies of perception, communication, AI, big data and virtual reality, the 3 spaces are combined to realize the digital home twin, providing users with a new IoT application and interactive experience

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop: Introduction to the content of this
2、Content explanation: Main content explanation and template library construction
3、Case sharing: Case analysis and method sharing
4、Practical session: discussion on your own creative future intelligent scenario or meta-home and design proposal

Target Audience

1、Junior and Intermediate Visual Designer
2、Junior and Intermediate Data Visualization Designer
3、Junior and mid-level motion designers
4、Audience interested in smart home

Participants Benefit

1、You can learn the latest development status of the current smart home industry, as well as the future discussion of smart home
2、Understand the process and methods of smart home visualization design and visual presentation techniques
3、Enhance design expertise and improve workplace competitiveness

video introduction
Work Case
  • Virtual intelligent scene of interactive experience design
  • Interactive design application case
  • Design and application of data visualization
  • Design application case
  • Necessity of model construction
  • How to build a model library
  • Visual design features of smart home
  • What is smart home visual design
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  • Virtual intelligent scene of interactive experience design 18
  • Interactive design application case 28
  • Design and application of data visualization 38
  • Design application case 48
  • Necessity of model construction 58
  • How to build a model library 68
  • Visual design features of smart home 78
  • What is smart home visual design 88
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