Design for the Future - Creating an AI Digital Human Assistant
  • Hao Xue Hao Xue Baidu Senior User Interface Designer

    As a senior user interface designer of Baidu, Hao is responsible for the design of AI assistant Duxiaoxiao and the key design topics of Baidu App. He and his team created China's first interactive digital human intelligent personal assistant, and he has also been responsible for many times of Baidu App redesign project. Hao has 10 years of work experience in the fields of interaction design, visual design, front-end development, and design management. He once worked in the User Experience Department of and graduated from Communication University of China. He has won the iF Design Awards, A’Design Awards, and 20 inventions or GUI patents during his career. In the age of digital transformation, as designers, we should help the development of technology to truly serve people.

Design for the Future - Creating an AI Digital Human Assistant

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Time 11/18 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Today, We are living in the age of digital transformation. Intelligent personal assistants are gradually appearing in people's lives and have grown into one of the interfaces between humans and digital world. So how will the future of intelligent personal assistants develop and how will they integrate into people's lives? Numerous novels and movies have portrayed various forms of intelligent personal assistants for us, and I believe everyone have their own ideas. However, concepts and imagination are the first step in design work. As designers, we should explore the correct answer through a systematic approach. In the design practice of Baidu's digital human intelligent personal assistant, we have combined speculative design methods and design thinking methods to create Duxiaoxiao-the first interactive digital human Intelligent personal assistants in China. Duxiaoxiao has won the 2021 German iF Design Award and 2021 Italian A'Design Award because of it's realizable design innovation. The content of this workshop is based on Duxiaoxiao's design practice. First, I will introduce the development of the intelligent personal assistant. Second, I will introduce how to use speculative design methods and design thinking methods in design work. Third, I will introduce the experience and methods of digital human multi-modal interaction design and digital human IP design. Finally, I will introduce the digital human industry. I hope that the audience can get a full range of digital human intelligent personal assistant design experience and information through this workshop, and also can learn the experience about how to design for the future.

1. Developments in the intelligent assistant and digital human industry
1.1 Development of voice assistants
1.2 The development of digital people
1.3 The exploration of Doxiao

2. The design thinking of AI digital human intelligent assistants
2.1 Defining the scope and stages - Forward-looking design
2.2 Discovering validated problem solving - Design thinking
2.3 AI Thinking for Designers

3. Design methods for AI digital human intelligent assistants
3.1 Multimodal interaction design models for digital human assistants
3.1.1 Generic models and hardware differences
3.1.2 Deconstruction of Face-to-Face Multimodal Interaction
3.1.3 Relationships between the roles of multimodal perceptual channels
3.1.4 Technical support behind multimodal interaction
3.2 Behavioural Design Approaches for Digital Human Assistants
3.2.1 Directed Choreography
3.2.2 Strategic Orchestration
3.2.3 Capabilities of AI Technology
3.3 Digital Human Assistant IP Image Layered Design Model
3.3.1 Visual layer
3.3.2 Behavioural layer
3.3.3 Storytelling layer

4. Practical aspects
4.1 Conceptualisation and planning of a domain innovation direction through a forward-looking design approach
4.2 Designing the behaviour of an interaction scene for Du Xiaoxiao through a directorial choreography approach to digital human behavioural design

5. The technology and industry situation behind the digital human
5.1 The application layer
5.2 Software layer
5.3 Hardware layer

Structure and Agenda

1、Overview of the workshop content
2、Smart Assistants and Digital People Industry Fact Sheet
3、AI Digital Human Intelligent Assistant Design Thinking Narrative
4、AI Digital Human Intelligent Assistant Design Methodology Narrative
5、Digital Human Technology and Industry Fact Sheet

Target Audience

1、Designers interested in AI human-computer interaction
2、Intelligent assistants and practitioners in the digital human industry
3、For those interested in intelligent assistants and digital people

Participants Benefit

1、Get to grips with the intelligent assistant and digital human industry

2、Mastering the design thinking of intelligent assistants for AI digital people
3、Mastering the design of intelligent assistants for AI digital people
4、Keeping abreast of digital human technology and industry

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