On-site Design for Frontlines
  • YUANCHUN WEI YUANCHUN WEI Cainiao Senior UX Designer

    Designer II from Cainiao Smart Logistics Network , Alibaba Group. Responsible for Cainiao WMS experience design, Cainiao LEMO PDA system design;Now in charge of terminal distribution experience design. Based on the deferences of industries and scenarios, define design principles and standards for the frontlines operators’ experience; improve the experience and efficiency for operators, Facilitate the digital transformation of traditional industries.

On-site Design for Frontlines

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Session D7
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 11/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the first half of Internet, the pattern of consumption Internet has been set. In the second half, the vision will expand from consumption to production, from individuals to enterprise. Digital transformation has brought changes to the human-computer relationship in the original industry. So how to help operators adapt to the digital transformation through design?

Through this workshop, participants can understand the similarities and differences of design thinking under the background of Industrial Internet and Consumer Internet more easily;define the design directions and opportunities in the context of the industrial Internet; take apart onsite elements and relationships surrounding people; bring inspiration to enterprise-oriented and industry-oriented designers, and establish innovation ability for new technologies and new scenarios facing the future.

Contents of the workshop:
1. Background
1.1 From Consumer Internet to Industrial Internet
1.2 Prospects and opportunities of Industrial Internet
1.3 New human-machine relationship under Industrial Internet

2. On-site experience design concept
2.1 Define new fields of experience design
2.2 Elements and relationship of on-site experience design
2.3 Challenges of on-site experience design
2.4 Opportunities for on-site experience design

3. Design system
3.1 Visual interface design principle
3.2 Multimodal design
3.3 User behavior design
3.4 Online and offline mapping

4. Case of logistics scene
4.1 Introduction to logistics scenarios
4.2 Logistics scenario design framework
4.3 Logistics scenario design standards
4.4 Cases

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: Background and content of industrial Internet
2、Explanation of design concept and design opportunity under the background of industrial Internet
3、Case introduction based on Logistics scenario
4、Group practice: Group Discussion & learning sharing
5、Q & A
6、Take aways

Target Audience

1、UX designer/ Interaction designer/ Full-stack designer
2、Service designer/ Product designer/ Product Manager
3、Internet professionals/ Traditional Industries professionals

Participants Benefit

1、Help business/industrial Internet Oriented designers build professional knowledge system;
2、Master the design method of complex scene
3、Apply design method learned to practice
4、Inspire design opportunities and value under new technology and new scene

Work Case
  • Design Concept
  • User behavior design
  • Multimodal Design
  • Cases
  • Cases
  • Design Principles - Online and offline mapping
  • Design Principles - User behavior
  • Design Principles - Multimodal
  • Design Principles - Visual Interface
  • Case
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